Persona 6 Release Date Leaks, Rumors & Speculations

Here's all you need on the potential release date of Persona 6 after the recent leaks.

Are you here looking for the Persona 6 release date after the leaks? Then keep reading below as we have it all covered right here. One of the most anticipated games right now includes the sequel to a successful Persona 5. While Altus has not confirmed anything, recent leaks and rumors might be something that fans have been largely waiting for.

Although Altus is concentrating a lot on spin-offs for the previous installments of Persona, fans can only wait so long for something on the upcoming sequel. With the new Persona 6 leaks, is there any good news impending? We recommend you keep reading below to find out all there is from these rumors.

Persona 6 Release Date Leaks & Delay Rumors

Persona 6 Release Date Leaks & Rumors

The Persona 6 leaks reveal that the game is unlikely to release this year. The leaks surfaced on Reset Era by username Im A Hero Too who seems to be associated in some way with Altus. According to the user, there is no chance that the game will release in 2023 since there was an internal delay that led to the game being pushed back further.

While Altus had previously promised to reveal more on the game this year, they haven’t commented on these leaks and rumors yet. Altus does have other games scheduled this year and that may have caused some problems with the much awaited sequel.

Having said that, the most realistic release date for Persona 6 would be around March or April 2024. Do note that these are merely speculations and even we would have to wait on the developers for any official word. Nevertheless, once that happens we will update this guide with all the new information.

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