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Persona 5 Strikers: Get Zunda Supreme By Lending A Paw

How to get Zunda Supreme in Persona 5 Strikers by Lending a Paw.

It is common knowledge that it is difficult to find some good delicacies for our loved ones. Persona 5 Strikers does its best to remind us of that pain by sending us on a wild goose hunt to get the Zunda Supreme. With a name that contains the word “Supreme”, you already know it’s a rare item (Where my hypebeasts at?). Follow the steps in this guide to know more about How to get the Zunda Supreme by completing the Lending a Paw guide in Persona 5 Strikers.

How to complete the Lending a Paw request and get the Zunda Supreme in P5S


Get the Zunda Supreme by completing the Lending a Paw guide
Satisfy your sweet cravings by eating the Zunda Supreme.

To actually complete the Lending a Paw guide you must have completed the Sendai Sweets request beforehand. After having done that you will receive a request from Morgana on 3rd August. Morgana wants to make Ann happy and suggests getting some pastry. At this time Sophia chimes in and suggests getting a ‘Legendary’ pastry called Zunda Supreme. However, it is easier said than done and you will have to do a fair bit of exploring.

After accepting the request head over to Mt. Aoba park. In this park head over to the entrance of the shrines. You will spot some vending machines to the right of the entrance. Over here you will see a ‘Skeptical Woman’. After this enter the Shrine and head straight on over to a ‘Maiden’. She will direct you towards the ‘Fussy Manager’ outside Cafe Blue. The manager asks you for a secret password for the dessert.


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Now go to Sendai Station and move along the walkway. Here you will see a man in a fedora called ‘Hopeless Lover’. Upon overhearing his conversation he will let slip the password that is required. You can now head back to Mt. Aoba and speak with the manager again. She will verify the password and you can now purchase the Zunda Supreme from the Cafe.

This is how you can satisfy your sweet tooth and get the Zunda Supreme by completing the Lending a Paw guide in Persona 5 Strikers. While you enjoy your dessert you can even have a look at How to complete all the Requests or How to Stop the Game from Crashing.