How To Get All Trophies In Persona 5 Strikers (List)

Here are all the achievements and trophies you can earn in Persona 5 Strikers.

There’s a lot to do in P5S and all of it is rewarded in the form of in-game achievements. Curious players and completionists who want to find out what you have to do to get certain trophies can check this Persona 5 Strikers Trophy Guide to know it all. In this article, you will get all the conditions and requirements you have to fulfill to get all 47 trophies. So, let’s begin!

Persona 5 Strikers Trophy and Achievements Guide

Persona 5 Strikers Trophy and Achievements Guide

Note that among the 47 trophies, there are 38 Bronze, 5 Silver, 3 Gold as well as 1 Platinum trophy that you can get your hands on. The Platinum Trophy, of course, bestows the title of a True Phantom Thief and it will happen when you get all trophies in the game.

Sr. No. Trophy Name Condition Type
1 True Phantom Thief Get all trophies in the game Platinum
2 Cage of Lust Closed Complete Shibuya Jail Bronze
3 Cage of Vanity Conquered Complete Sendai Jail Bronze
4 Cage of Gluttony Torched Complete Sapporo Jail Bronze
5 Cage of Desolation Condemned Complete Okinawa Jail Bronze
6 Cage of Wrath Collapsed Complete Kyoto Jail Bronze
7 Cage of Arrogance Cracked Complete Osaka Jail Bronze
8 Humanity’s Companion Complete  Abyss Jail Bronze
9 Walk Your Own Path Complete Tree of Life and Wisdom Silver
10 Back in Business Witness the Phantom Thieves reunion Bronze
11 Farewell to the Past Wolf awakened his Persona Bronze
12 A Newfound Heart Sophia found strength of heart Bronze
13 It’s Showtime! Activate Showtime for the first time Bronze
14 Seeker of Power Use Incense and get this trophy Bronze
15 Unshakeable Teamwork Perform All Out Attacks 150 times to unlock this trophy Bronze
16 Know Your Enemy Hit the Weakness of an enemy 150 times Bronze
17 Phantom Striker Use Phantom Dash and beat 200 enemies Bronze
18 All That Glitters Beat 10 Treasure Demons Bronze
19 Death Defied Beat the Reaper Silver
20 Mask Connoisseur Complete the Inmate Registry. You will earn this trophy for getting all Personas. Bronze
21 Best Friend You have to max out a Bond Skill level Bronze
22 Eternal Bonds Unlock this trophy by maxing out all Bond Skill levels Gold
23 Eye For Talent Spend Persona Points to strengthen the Stats of a Persona to get this trophy Bronze
24 Knife in the Dark Unlock this trophy by performing 50 ambushes Bronze
25 Best of the Best Get all Phantom Thieves to reach level 70 Silver
26 What are Friends For? Clear all special requests of Phantom Thieves members to get this achievement Bronze
27 Who Dares Wins Defeat a Dire Shadow Bronze
28 The Most Daring of All Beat all Dire Shadows Silver
29 Ultimate Trump Card Get all Joker Master Arts Bronze
30 Jolly Roger Get all Skull Master Arts Bronze
31 Gentleman Thief Get all Mona Master Arts Bronze
32 Flame Dancer Get all Panther Master Arts Bronze
33 Peerless Blade Get all Fox Master Arts Bronze
34 Fist of Justice Get all Queen Master Arts Bronze
35 Sophisticated Lady Get all Noir Master Arts Bronze
36 Technological Marvel Get all Sophie Master Arts Bronze
37 Repentant Fang Get all Wolf Master Arts Bronze
38 Master Thieves Unlock all Master Arts Gold
39 A Helping Hand Complete a Request Bronze
40 Those Who Heed the Call Complete 50 Requests Silver
41 Item Sweeper Get 20 items from Jails Bronze
42 Short Order Cook You get this trophy for cooking for the first time Bronze
43 Master Chef Cook 12 Food Types Bronze
44 Impulse Buyer Buy an item during a sale Bronze
45 A Little Memento Get a Camper Van Interior Design Bronze
46 Treasure Hunter Open up 50 Treasure Chests Bronze
47 No Looking Back Start New Game+ on Merciless Difficulty Gold

That’s all the trophies and achievements you can grab in Persona 5 Strikers.

Persona 5 Strikers Trophy List Not Showing Up?

If your trophies are not showing up in Persona 5 Strikers, it is most likely because the game hasn’t officially released yet. Players who have the Early access version and are searching for the Trophy list simply have to wait until the game releases.

So, go ahead and pour those hours in and get them all. While you are at it, don’t miss our other Persona 5 Strikers guides: