How to Get a Seth With High Counter in Persona 5

Here's How To Obtain a High Counter Ability in Persona 5?

How to Get a Seth with High Counter in Persona 5: If you have playing Persona 5 for a long period of time, you must know what the wardens of the Velvet room is. Yes, it is not only a prison but also a place where players get to meet the twins called Caroline and Justine, who are more than a jailors. Yes, Caroline and Justine could be your friend and offer you a specific set of abilities that you will need in the game.

How to Get a Seth with High Counter in Persona 5

In this guide, we will explain how you can obtain the Seth With High counter in Persona 5. For Rank 10, its Seth with High Counter. You are required to to have at least level 51 to do this. So, make sure to rank higher either in Mementos or in a Palace.

In order to obtain Seth With Higher Counter in Persona 5, you must have certain Personas with some specific abilities to improve their ranking. Yes, we have mentioned below all the personas that you need to to create a Seth:

  • Isis
  • Thoth
  • Anubis
  • Horus

Once you managed to combine all the above mentioned personas into a single persona, you will obtain a Seth persona at ease.  Yes, now you can use them to get Seth with High Counter.

How to Obtain a High Counter Ability in Persona 5?

The High Counter Ability can be obtained by two different ways. We will explain both the mentioned here.

Option 1:

Completing the request “The Killer Laughs in the Garbage Can,” can get you a High Counter Skill Card But, you should know that The Killer Laugh In The Garbage Can will only be found on 10/14. After using the same on your Seth, you will have the required personality.

Option 2:

We always have some alternate ways to make some impossible task a possible and getting a High Counter Ability in Persona 5 is no different.  Yes, the second way to obtain a High Counter Ability you can always strengthening the Seth persona with any one of the following personas to obtain the ability.

  • Hope Diamond
  • Hecatoncheires
  • Dakini (Lvl. 52)

Note: Be sure to save the game before you strengthening as the skill is obtained out of random.