Persona 5 Endings – Every Possible Bad, Good and True Endings Guide

Unlock all 5 Endings

Persona 5 is chronologically the sixth installment in the Persona series. In this game, the player will explore the dark high school anime world of Tokyo. There are a lot of secrets the players need to unravel during their journey and the outcome depends on the decision you make. The game has 5 endings and various possibilities to unlock them. This Persona 5 guide will show you every possible ending in the game and how to get them.

As we mentioned there are five endings – 3 “bad” endings, 1 “good” ending, and 1 “true” ending. To get the ending the player must first play until November 20 then follow the steps below to unlock the required ending.

All Persona 5 Endings

Bad Ending 1

Starting with the First Bad Ending is simple, all you need to do is ignore the deadline of the Palace without getting the treasure inside. This will let to skipping the opportunity of the course

Bad Ending 2

The second bad ending depends on your interrogation with Sae Niijima. Here you choose to reveal who your fellow Phantom Thieves are to Sae during this scene and unlock this ending.

Bad Ending 3

The final and main bad ending requires your decision in the final dungeon. During a conversation, choose the line, “Is it really the right world?” to begin this final bad ending.

Good Ending

If you have avoided all the above Bad endings then you have entered December 24th and can now speak with Igor in the final dungeon. Here you must choose to not fight him to prompt the “good” ending.

True Ending

The Main Ending in Persona is the true ending. To get this end you must never cooperate with Sae Nijima during your interrogation, get the treasure from the palace by the deadline, avoid choosing the “Is it really the right world?” dialogue in the final dungeon, and agreeing to fight Igor. Once the fight is over you have successfully unlocked the “true” ending of Persona 5.

This is how to get all endings in Persona 5. Check out other Persona 5 guides, secrets and tricks only on Gamer Tweak.

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