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Cutscene Stuttering in Persona 4 Golden PC: How To Fix Lag?

Players are seeing some stuttering in Persona 4 Golden on PC. Here are some possible fixes for Persona 4 Golden cutscene lag issue.

Persona 4 Golden has finally released on PC via Steam on June 13, 2020. It is the enhanced version of the much-loved game Persona 4 for PlayStation Vita. With this, the popular JRPG, which was originally launched in 2012 gets a pretty good PC port. But, players who have grabbed the game as soon as it launched have seen a cutscene stutter in Persona 4 Golden. Many are seeing some stuttering in these scenes which is, of course, very frustrating. Here’s what you can do to fix it.

Can Persona 4 Golden Cutscene Stuttering Be Fixed?

Many gamers are facing this issue of stuttering cutscenes but the rest of the game is working smoothly. The lag is definitely annoying and players are trying to figure out how to solve it.

Right now, we don’t have an official fix for this. But here are some things that have worked for others that you can try out. They are –

  • Installing the game on SSD
  • Keeping GPU drivers updated to their latest versions
  • Playing the game in borderless windowed mode
  • Setting the max frame rate to 30 FPS in Nvidia Control Panel. (But unfortunately, this will also affect the rest of the game, which is not a great thing for PC players.)

Youtuber KrachooTube has also suggested a fix which involves the follow steps:

  • Visit the Control Panel
  • Go to Power Options
  • Choose Recommended Settings
  • Restart the game

In the video posted by KrachooTube, this solves the annoying cutscene lag that was previously present. Although not an official solution straight from the developers, this might just work for you.

Due to this cutscene lag issue, many players are calling it a lazy port of the game. But in reality, the PC game is actually a great effort, as noted by Peter “Durante” Thoman, a popular modder, for IGN. This cutscene issue is just a bug.

So this is everything we know on how to fix the cutscene stuttering in Persona 4 Golden on PC. Go ahead and try these solutions until an official fix arrives in a new patch.