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Tips to have Perfect Children in Crusader Kings 3?

Best children someday will rule your kingdom in Crusader Kings 3. Here is a guide on how to have the best kids in CK3.

Crusader Kings 3 is all about building your empire. Other than declaring war on nearby regions you an also expand your kingdom via marriage. A peaceful way to become the emperor of the world, but not easy. At some point when you are ruling a large kingdom you will need good children to carry on your legacy. If you are unable to produce perfect heirs it will be complicated to manage everything. In this article, I am going to help you with having Perfect Children in Crusader Kings 3.

How to produce perfect heirs in Crusader Kings 3?


CK3 is not about becoming a king, about managing one single character. The game is about controlling the entire dynasty. Children with strong traits and stats will make your kingdom stronger. Certain things matters to breed a strong family and here we will talk about the topic.

Focus on the best Traits:

CK3 Marriage is one of the criteria to expand your family. But whom to marry determines if you will have strong or weak children. Pick a partner with the highest level of trait you want n the baby. For example, intellect, if you want a genius baby then find a partner with high intellect. This will produce genius babies to make your kingdom stronger. If you marry a person with the highest trait there are max chances the child will be born with an upgraded level of that trait.


Marry the child to someone with the same level of the trait to get better heirs. Matching the traits is a kind of shortcut to get kids with high stats. Focus on creating children that can create with much higher traits. The level rises after every generation.

Marry your child to Knights & Councilors:

Marrying the children with Knight’s and Councilor’s will unlock new useful traits in your dynasty. You can control breeding by adding them to your family. Some religions permit multiple spouses, it is beneficial for trait-based breeding. You will have to keep the religion in mind before marrying. It is also a primary factor that influences your choice of picking a spouse.


Multiple spouses give you children of desired traits, almost all children can have similar upgraded traits in the family. Keep a close watch on the game characters, ensure they all get married, and produce babies with the best traits. You can pin a character with good traits to monitor his progress. Marry the character as soon as you find the right time.

Tips to Raise the children in Crusader Kings 3

Raising children is also a task. Marrying fully grown characters to match the best possible traits is one thing. But raising children with an aim to put them on the right job is also necessary. Always hire a guardian to raise children. Assign a guardian to the child as soon as he or she is born. Pick the best guardian who is a kind of guru in the area, this will directly impact the child’s career.

The skill level relies on the type of Guardian you had assigned to the child. If he is not pro enough you will unlock lesser skills. At each birthday the child unlocks Base Skills on a scale from 0 to 4. Skills awarded relies on the level of Guardian assigned to the child. If you are not getting the desired base skill points you will have to return to the time and celebrate the child’s birthday again.


The child will get the first Childhood Trait at the age of 3. You cannot miss the Childhood Trait as it is linked with an Education focus that unlocks at age 6. Education Focus is the first skill you must unlock and slowly bring out the best with time. At the age of 9, 11, and 13 the child gets a unique Personality Trait. It is random and later at age 16, the child gets Education Trait.

Best education depends on the base skills the child gets during the first 16 years, so this is where you have to focus a lot on raising a child and picking the best traits. Assigning the right guardian is also vital for the child’s growth.

Following the above tips will help you to have perfect children in Crusader Kings 3. Stay tuned for more updates on the game on Gamertweak.com.