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Perfect Dark Third-Person Game Is In Development at The Initiative, Reliable Journalist Confirms

The software house owned by Microsoft seems to be working on a new version of the shooter title called Perfect Dark.

For several years now we have witnessed the trend, by many companies within the video game industry, to combine new titles and series with the re-editions of classic games, with improved graphics or remade from scratch while maintaining all the features of the original version.

According to what was expressed by the journalist Jeff Grubb, another game of these remakes could be Perfect Dark, a title released in 2000 by the software house Rare on Nintendo 64 and published in 2010 on Xbox Live Arcade with optimized graphics and other improvements aimed at making it compatible with the Xbox Live service.

According to what Grubb said in a conversation on Twitter, the software house The Initiative (owned by Microsoft) would be working on a third-person shooter title of Perfect Dark that could be based on the original game or in any case based on the same narrative universe. Such indiscretion would seem to draw strength from the fact that Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, has previously stated that the team at The Initiative is working on old things done in a new way.

For those unfamiliar with it, Perfect Dark is a first-person shooter set in 2020 that will see us mainly play the role of Joanna Dark, a secret agent who has the task of investigating and foiling conspiracies and plots that threaten the life of the president of the United States of America and the political stability of the country in the stars and stripes.

In order to carry out the mission, Joanna will have to interact with robots, other humans and aliens present inside Area 51, in a series of missions that will see the players impersonate other characters as well. There is also a multiplayer mode that, in the re-edition for Xbox 360, also allowed to play online.

In the absence of other news, we just have to wait for information about a hypothetical return of Perfect Dark by Microsoft.