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How To Get The Pepper Shaker In Fallout 76

This guide will teach you how to get your hands on the Pepper Shaker Shotgun Minigun in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 has seen gamers go crazy over the Pepper Shaker. The minigun-shotgun weapon has made quite an impact on the community. If you’re among those gamers that want to get their hands on this weapon, you’re in luck. Follow the steps in this guide to land this crazy weapon.

How to get the Pepper Shaker in Fallout 76?

  • Locate “Grahm’s Meat Cook” event which sits directly besides Vault 76 on the map
  • Firstly you need to assist Grahm in hosting his Meat Cook
  • This task requires you to explore the site and kill animals to obtain their critter chunks
  • Additionally, you’ll need to gather greens as well, which are scattered around the site
  • Besides the other resources, you’ll need to scrap items that yield wood
  • In addition to all the aforementioned, you’ll be tasked with putting out fires around the camp
  • After you’ve completed all these, the event concludes, and based on your event meter you’ll get a drop
  • This drop may or may not contain plans for the pepper shaker depending on the event meter
  • Once you get the plans- You’ll need to craft the weapon*
  • Naturally, you will need to complete this meat cook with the highest possible event meter.
  • Remember- The success level of this meat cook will directly affect your rewards.

 *The Materials to craft the Pepper Shaker are

  • Six Adhesive
  • 16 Spring
  • 43 Steel
  • Seven Aluminum
  • 17 Gear
  • Eight Oil
  • 16 Screw

In case you don’t get the plans for the pepper shaker, don’t be let down- You can grind through this event whenever it shows up as active. The pepper shaker plan has a drop possibility of less than 7% and is reliant heavily on a high event meter and luck. Alternatively, The weapon’s plan is player tradeable. So one way or another, it is very likely that you’ll get your hands on it.

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What is Meat Week?
Meat Week is an event in Fallout 76 that comes along around 3 times a year. It will appear every 15 minutes in different locations on the map. This event lets you slay prime beasts and grab the loot in addition to earning prime meat. This prime meat when handed to Grahm during his meat cook will earn you legendary scrip.

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