Grounded: How To Peep A Creature

Here's a guide on how to peep a creature in Grounded.

Grounded is a nightmare for people with Entomophobia or more commonly the fear of insects. As the protagonist who has shrunk to the size of an ant, you will have to survive the backyard you are in. While being surrounded by insects, you will have to determine the useful ones and stay away from the predators. The game has a plethora of creatures and even though it is a survival game, there are multiple quests that you have to complete. One of these quests is the Bug Knowledge tutorial quest. In this quest, you will have to hide behind an object and peep at a creature, essentially not letting it know you are there. Since many players are still exploring the game, we made this guide to show you how to peep a Creature in Grounded.

How to Peep a Creature in Grounded

Grounded Peep a Creature

The Bug Knowledge is a tutorial quest that will ask you to peep a creature. While it is not tough, you need to make sure that you do not get spotted by the creature. If you do, it might move away, or if it’s a predator, you might be open to an attack. Here’s how to peep a Creature in Grounded:

  • For Xbox Users: Press Y and then look directly at the Creature.
  • For PC Users: Press X and then look directly at the Creature.

Once you peep it for long enough, you will gather info on the Creature that you just peeped on. This information can prove to be useful while in the game. Upon successfully peeping a Creature, you will get Creature Cards.

These cards will be the ones that hold the entire information on creatures that is vital to the game. The more Creature Cards you collect, the better it will be for you.

That’s all there is on how to Peep a Creature in Grounded. While you are here, make sure you check out our guides on Grounded with Gamer Tweak.