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Valorant: New Pearl Map Sites & Release Date

Here is everything you should know about the new Pearl map for Valorant.

Valorant brings a new map to the game called Pearl after the longest time. It has an underwater theme that looks quite refreshing when compared to Maps like Split and Fracture. This is another map that features only two sites. Unlike Breeze, this map is not very open. So here is everything that you should know about the new Pearl Map in Valorant including its sites and release date.

Pearl Map in Valorant and its Sites


pearl map valorant sites and release date
Image Credit: Red on YouTube

Pearl has a very unique design for its sites. Like every map, both A and B sites are close to the Defender Side Spawn. But things start to mess up at the center. If you thought Fracture was problematic this map has even more possibilities for confusion than Fracture. Thankfully though there is only one attacker’s side this time. Here is how attackers can push both sites.

  • A Site
    • Attackers have 3 options when pushing the A site.
      • They can choose to push directly from A Restuarant to A-Main and then reach the site.
      • Alternatively, they could also push from mid they will have to go from Mid Top to Mid Plaza then go to A Art and A Link and finally reach the site.
      • And the last method is a bit slow and a long route. The attackers will have to follow the same path from Mid Top to A Art while pushing. But instead of going to A Link they will push to Mid Connector and reach the Defender Site Water. This will allow the attacker to reach the defender’s Spawn. From here they can either push from A Flowers or from A Secret.
  • B Site
    • Just like the A site, there are three ways to push the B site.
      • The first method is the direct push from B Club to B Ramp to B Main then reaching the site.
      • As for the alternate route you go from Mid Shops to Mid Plaza then Mid Doors to B Link and then get to the site.
      • The third method isn’t really recommended as this push is even longer than the third push on A site. Go from Mid Shops to Mid Doors next go to the Mid Connector and reach the Defender Site Water. Once you reach the defender’s Spawn you again get two options you can either push from B Tunnel or from B Tower.


Pearl Release Date

You can start playing on Pearl on June 22, 2022, with Episode 5 Act 1 of the game. This map will be available for Unrated, and 2 weeks later for Competitive. And you will also get a Pearl-only queue to get a hang of the map for the first two weeks before it starts appearing in Competitive queues.

Oh and while we did get a new map. Split is will be removed temporarily from both Unrated and Competitive queues.


That covers everything you should know about the new Pearl map for Valorant & its release date. Also check out our Valorant section to get help with things like error fixes, best settings, and more.