Payday 2 Update 199.3 Out for PC, Holdout Reworked

By Raaj
3 Min Read

Overkill released a brand new update for Payday 2 that brings new features as well major gameplay tuning. Update 199.3 focus on improvements and additions in the hold-out mode. You can read full Payday Update 199.3 Patch logs below.

Holdout Mode gets new levels along with 10 new weapon colors to try on. Five new levels are added to the Holdout Mode, they are Alesso Heist Entrance, Big Bank Entrance, Golden Grin Casino Entrance, San Martin Bank, and Mallcrasher Entrance. A new outfit is also added to the game – Legacy Tactical. Along with few other important addition include daily skin drops, new achievements, menu songs and telemetry.

Payday 2 Update 199.3 Patch Logs:

  • 5 New Levels Added To Holdout – Alesso Heist Entrance, Big Bank Entrance, Golden Grin Casino Entrance, San Martin Bank, and Mallcrasher Entrance.
  • Weapon Colors – Crayon Green, Ice teal, Dove Purple, Dark Blue, Rusty Red, Ultra Marine, Glacier Blue, Kelly Green, Just Peachy and Cat Pink.
  • New Outfit: Legacy Tactical
  • Show Remaining Pagers & Converted Cops – The HUD now displays how many pager calls you have left before the guards sound the alarm in stealth. It also tells you how many converted cops you have, if any, and how many is your maximum number.
  • Inventory Item Drop Down Menu – Right-clicking on an item in your inventory now brings up a dropdown menu with options such as equip, modify, preview and sell.
  • Daily Skin DroPS – We’ve increased the drop rate of skins from once per week, to once per day! In addition, skins appear in the loot drop after a heist, no need to open safes anymore! Any existing safes you already have in your inventory will remain there until you open them.
  • 36 New Achievements – And rewards to go with them!
  • Two New Menu Songs – For your listening pleasure, we’ve added two new songs to the menu music track list, both related to the San Martin Heist: Ojos De Diamante and Ojos De Esmeralda.
  • Telemetry – PAYDAY 2 now collects telemetry data to help us further improve the game. Note that this does NOT involve collecting or storing any personal information, but rather focuses on bulk data and big-picture playing patterns. We will track things such as which heists are the most played, average play session length, and the relative popularity of different weapons, perk decks and heisters.

Along with the above additions there are various improvements and fixes in the update. The download size of Payday update is 270mb approx.