Playdate – A 2.7inch Black And White Gaming Console With Crank

Console no one saw coming

Nintendo Switch made a wave when it came out as a unique handheld portable gaming console with qualities of big screen sharing. But Nintendo has a point being a game developer and a leader in consoles from years Nintendo’s experimental hybrid console was an instant hit. However is there a place for another portable console? Are they are dead forever or still someone is bold enough to make one?

Well, the answer is yes, this can trigger an era of handheld consoles featuring a unique design and something new we had never seen before. Panic is one of those who took a step into creating a handheld console with an entirely different approach. It all relies on how well it can perform in the real market and boom we stepped into the world of the innovative console world.

Playdate by Panic is a unique portable console, very basic to see but it sounds fun. Price around $150 half of Switch, this console has a crank control with glittering keys. Watching the games on a 2.7inch small black and white screen with a resolution of 400×240 Playdate is something different.

Playdate comes with a game service where every Monday players will receive a new game over Wifi and a notification light blinks on it to notify owners about the new update. The console is small enough to stay hidden in your pocket with a foldable crank that can hide with the design. The gameplay seems pretty simple puzzles, you can forward and backward the time using the crank.

The developer has reached out top game designers, like Keita Takahashi, Zach Gage, Bennett Foddy and Shaun Inman who will be developing the game for Playdate. It is going to get around 12 new games every week. Visit for more info on the console.