How To Pause Cutscenes In Granblue Fantasy Relink

Need a stretch but don’t want to skip the Cutscenes? Here’s a guide that will help you pause them in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

Players can pause Granblue Fantasy Relink cutscenes in the most unexpected of ways. While many players prefer skipping them altogether, cutscenes really deliver an emphasis on the story which is why many wouldn’t want to skip them. However, the game does not allow the traditional method of pausing them by pressing the menu button. That leaves those players in a dilemma that would really want a break but not skip the scene entirely.

While the traditional method of pausing by pressing the menu button does pause the game, it does not work with cutscenes in the same way. However, there is a way in which players can actually do so and they would not have expected it to play out this way. Our guide will help you pause the cutscene and continue watching it after your break.

How to Pause Granblue Fantasy Relink Cutscenes

How To Pause Cutscenes In Granblue Fantasy Relink
Image Source: Cygames

To pause Granblue Fantasy Relink cutscenes, simply select the Skip Cutscenes option and it will give you a summary of the events to come and allow you to either Skip the scene or Cancel and continue watching. What it effectively does is pause the cutscene allowing you to take a break if you need one. You can move around and stretch your legs a bit and then return to the game.

PlayStation players have an additional option that they can use to pause the cutscene. Instead of the menu button, press the PS button and that should bring you to the Home Screen or the Menu Bar will pop up. Either way, it will pause the cutscene instead of skipping the scene and once you get back into the game, you can continue watching it.

That’s all there is on pausing the cutscene in Granblue Fantasy Relink. Since there are numerous playable characters, you can view our tier list and unlock a few of them with crewmate cards. For more Granblue Fantasy Relink coverage, check out our dedicated section here at Gamer Tweak.