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Paths To Immortality Trello Link & Official Discord Server

Here are the official Trello Board and Discord server links for Paths To Immortality.

Paths to Immortality is a Roblox game and as the name implies tasks you to attain Immortality. And this won’t be easy as there are many ways you can achieve it. So here are the links to the Trello Board and Discord server of Paths to Immortality. Using them you can check out the different game mechanics on the board or talk to other players in the community via Discord.

Paths To Immortality Trello Link

paths to immortality trello board link

Here is the Paths To Immortality Trello Link:

Trello Boards for any game are the best sources for official information. Whether you are looking for the latest patch notes or about upcoming content in the game. Here you can find almost everything related to the game (as long as the developers keep the board up to date).

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Paths To Immortality Discord Server

paths to immortality discord server

This is the game’s official Discord Server:

What do the GUI Buttons on its Trello Board mean?

  • Paths to Immortality: Find out about the game, all relevant links to official sources, and credits to the creators.
    • Game Description
    • Links
    • Credits
  • Basic Game Info: Information about the Game Mechanics.
    • Cultivation Realms
    • Realm Reinforcement
    • Talent
    • Ranks
    • Pills
    • Secret Attributes
    • Reincarnation
  • Enemies: Different Enemies in the game.
    • Storyline Enemies
      • Weak/Thin Gatekeeper
      • Old Man
      • Thug/Tough Thug
      • Ghoul
      • Initial Foundation Demon
      • Hurricane City Guard
    • Sect Task Enemies
      • Demon Follower
      • Demon Cultist
      • Demon Zealot
      • Demon
      • Demon Baron
      • Demon Duke
  • Sects: Different Sects in the game.
    • Rank 1 Sects
      • Noble Breeze
      • Mighty Daylight
      • Unrepentant Marble
      • Silent Gale
    • Rank 2 Sects
      • Radiant Oak
      • Striking Thunder
      • Endless Gates
      • Basilisk Fang
      • Holy Covenant
  • Physiques: Every type of Physique in the game.
  • Affinities: Every type of affinity and their rarity in the game.

Using these links, you can easily access the Trello board of Paths to Immortality and join their Discord server. For more such Trello Links, Discord servers, or gift codes of your favorite games be sure to check out our Roblox section.