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Days Gone Patch 1.07 Out – Download Size Revealed, Will Fix Console Shutdown

New patch to reportedly fixed issues created by previous patch

Days Gone gets a new Patch 1.07 released to fix issues created by Patch 1.06. Users are reporting the previous patch is causing Blackout Crash Issue and other game problem making the game not playable for around 24 hours. Patch 1.07 download size is around 136MB and it is out on PS4.

Days Gone Patch 1.06 also came recently that brought fixes for Auto-save and Bike audio problem. Also, the patch fixes the problem with difficulty settings. Full patch logs of Days Gone Patch 1.07 is not yet out but it is assumed the patch is out for fixing the major bugs caused by Patch 1.07.

Patch 1.07 download size is around 136GB that is not big enough and pretty much similar to Patch 1.06 download size. Patch notes in PS4 for Update 1.07 just says Bug Fixes and it does not reveal about the issues it will be fixing.

Patch 1.06 has a major fix to resolve startup crash and issues with the scope. After updating that players reported an issue of console shutting down after few minutes of playing on the official Reddit thread. Console random shutdown was common many are facing and this patch is probably to resolve the bug.

We will update more soon.

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