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How To Get Out Of Passive Mode In GTA Online?

Passive mode in GTA Online is quite a helpful feature whenever you need it. Here's how to turn it on or off in the game.

GTA Online has been steadily growing in popularity ever since it initially released. In this online multiplayer game, players can complete missions, conduct elaborate heists and lots more. It’s a chaotic dog eat dog world in GTA Online and that’s what makes it awesome. But you might not always want to be open to being attacked by others and that’s where Passive Mode is helpful. In this mode, you can enjoy the open world of the game without worrying about being attacked by others. This comes in especially handy for new players for whom this game could be a complete nightmare. But once you have enjoyed your time in the Passive Mode, it is time to go back into the chaos. So, how to disable Passive Mode in GTA Online? Find out in this quick guide.

GTA Online: How To Turn Off/On Passive Mode

If you don’t want to be the target of those players who only want to attack others, you can turn on Passive Mode. It will make you immune to any damage – melee, firearm or area damage weapons. At the same time, you will not be able to attack others as well. But if you do want to damage others, here’s how to turn off Passive Mode in GTA Online:


  • Open up the Interaction Menu by holding the touchpad on PS4, view button on Xbox One and M on PC.
  • Choose Passive Mode.
  • Disable it (or enable it).

Those players who are in Passive Mode will be marked on the Radar with a stop symbol. It’s more like a ghost mode where you will be like a impenetrable ghost for other players while you have activated Passive Mode. For players on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms, the Passive Mode works on foot as well as when you are in a vehicle. Note that there is a chance that players in Passive Mode can die due to something happening in the surrounding like an exploding car nearby or through some hacks and cheats. Plus, if you get into a weaponized vehicle, the Passive Mode will be disabled automatically after 30 seconds.

This is basically how to disable Passive mode in GTA Online and some more information about it. For more tips, be sure to check our GTA Online guides.