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Partnerships, content, and pricing set to power World of Warships India re-launch

Wargaming's relaunch of the massively popular naval combat simulator for the market features India-specific content

Wargaming, the award-winning online game developer and publisher specializing in military free-to-play MMO titles, has announced the relaunch of the iconic World of Warships for the India market. World of Warships is a team-based massively multiplayer online action game featuring large scale naval battles in a selection of PvP, cooperative or competitive battle mode as well as historically inspired PvE scenarios and seasonal special events. Since its launch in 2015, World of Warships has added over 30 million registered players on the back of its focus on history, military, and engineering enthusiasts, making it one of the most successful games in this genre on the planet. In a bid to continuously improve the gameplay and content, the company recently announced the arrival of submarines as playable vessels in addition to plans for the launch of the long-awaited ship class during Gamescom 2019.

The company’s premier free-to-play naval combat game will now feature India-specific content supported by comprehensive partnerships with leading industry players including ACT Fibernet, Zotac, ANT Esports, and LG. The most exciting part of the India relaunch sees the company add content exclusively developed for the India market, including:


  • National ship camouflages
  • India-themed skin initially available only to Indian players
  • Partner camouflages and flags
  • Local language versions of their flagship content property Naval Legends, a video series about the
  • most historically significant maritime moments of the 20th century
  • Additional content around the Indian Navy, museums, and ships

While all of these features will be available starting the 17th of September, the company has also indicated the possibility of additional content such as thematic ports, containers, and patches in the near future, or even ships sailing under the Indian ensign.


To capitalize on the growing appetite for gaming in India, Wargaming has struck marquee partnerships with ACT Fibernet, Zotac, ANT Esports, and LG. The collaboration with ACT Fibernetwill offer Indian players optimized routing to the EU server, a unique ACT Fibernet Camo skin available to ACT Fibernetcustomers, and up to INR 2000 worth monthly in-game benefits. Indian players on the platform will also have access to exclusive bundles from LG, Zotac, and Ant Esports.

Speaking about plans for the India market, Rajeev Girdhar, European Publishing Director for World of Warships and India Operations Lead, said,

We are immensely excited to be relaunching World of Warships for the India market. The country’s knowledgeable and curious gamer base provides an excellent audience for detail-oriented strategy games like World of Warships and we are excited to bring them a customized experience. We only see the exponentially growing appetite for immersive gaming in the country getting bigger, and that’s great news for new genres. Our belief that this is a substantial market set to explode has led us to build and develop a whole new range of immersive content that augments the already exceptional gameplay.


Talking about the synergy between ACT and great gaming experiences, Ravi Karthik, Head of Marketing, Atria Convergence Technologies Ltd said:

ACT Fibernet is known to provide the best gaming experience with high speeds, low latency and packet losses. With the gaming industry in India now beginning to grow, we believe our proposition of a gaming pack that puts together in one place what the customer wants – speeds, data, low pings, in-game benefits and offers will meet the needs of gamers and enable a delightful gaming experience. We are extremely excited to partner with World of Warships for their India launch. The rich multi-player experience with strategies and quasi-real battles provide for great gaming experience which can be enjoyed by diverse age groups. Together we will work to build gaming in India and World of Warships to a huge success

In addition to ACT Fibernet, Wargaming’s partnerships with some of the country’s leading gaming product companies like LG, Zotac, and Ant esports are another reason for excitement. Samar Deep, Product Marketing Manager IT, LG Electronics, India, says


We’re very excited to partner with World of Warships, the perfect game to highlight the advantages of LG Ultragear Gaming Monitors, especially our popular lineup of Ultrawide monitors

Deepak Gupta, Country Head, India, at ZOTAC also announced the launch of India-specific bundles, stating that:

As the market leader in India, we’re glad to be the first to officially offer India specific bundles for our range of ZOTAC Gaming GPU’s starting from GT 1030 series going up to GTX 16 Series

The list of partnerships is nicely rounded off by gaming peripherals company Ant esports. Himanshu Jain, Director at Ant esports believes that the company’s existing user community will provide great support for new developments such as special edition products and bundles, saying:

We’ve been overwhelmed by the community’s response to our latest lineup of products that have disrupted the market and now we’re moving forward with collaborations with World of Warships for not only bundles but also Special Edition products early next year for our ever-growing community

The World of Warships India model will continue to operate on its free-to-play, pay-to-progress framework where players can enjoy the game for free while making small investments to unlock additional content faster. Cognizant of India’s price sensitivity, Wargaming will customize in-game pricing for the local audience, following our experience of entering new markets and best practices for connecting with the Indian audience.


The Cyprus-based Wargaming, founded by Belarussian chess prodigy Victor Kilsyi, is a world-leader in historically accurate MMO combat games by both popularity and profitability. Inspired by Mr. Kilsyi’s obsession with military history and strategy games, the company boasts over 200 million registered users drawn to their combination of stunning graphics, incredible attention to detail, and immersive gameplay. Its concerted foray into the India market is set to be another milestone in the company’s stellar journey.

Head over to worldofwarships.in now to sign up for World of Warships for free.