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Paper Mario: Origami King Can Opener Location

If you want to know where to find the can opener and how to open the can in Paper Mario Origami King, read this guide till the end.

While playing the game after progressing through the Water Vellumental’s temple, you will come across a can of tuna that you must open. For that, you will need a can opener. How to find the can opener and open the tuna can? Follow these simple tips in our Paper Mario Origami King Can Opener location guide.

Paper Mario Origami King Can Opener – How to Get

The main purpose of finding the can opener is to get the Can of Tuna open and give it to the origami monkey. Once you have the Tuna Can, the next step to do is to enter the area with tall grass as shown below.


Look for Zzzs in the grass and interact with them. It’s Spike and he will tell you that he is actually here for a party at the Friendship Plaza but fell asleep. With him in tow, walk towards the southeast area and go outside and walk to the Plaza.


You will see a Shy Guy wearing a sombrero right here but nobody has a can opener for you so you have to go back into the grass in search for it.


Near the white pillar, you will encounter a Wave Battle so go ahead and finish that. After this, you will notice some sweat drops that you have to interact with. That’s when you will meet someone interesting and he will ask you to take him to the party. Off you go then.

How to Open the Can?

With the newest addition to your party (a Goomba) you can open the Can of Tuna. He will inform you that he has forgotten his can opener but he can use his teeth to open the tuna can.

As soon as you get the can open, you must go back into the tall grass to find the monkey located here (see the picture below). When you do this, the monkey will start eating the tuna which is when you have to hit it with your hammer. Doing this will change the monkey to a Toad.


That’s everything you need to know about the Paper Mario Origami King can opener location and how to open the tuna can. For more tips on this game, be sure to check our Origami King guides on GamerTweak.