Panzer Dragoon Remake Coming On Nintendo Switch This Winter

Ride the Dragons

Nintendo Direct revealed another game Panzer Dragoon coming up for Nintendo Switch this winter. Panzer Dragoon is a classic rail shooter game for the Sega Saturn. The remake brings enhanced graphics and with a vibrant environment on Switch.

Panzer Dragoon Remake will be released during Winter 2019, an official release date is not revealed so far. The trailer showcased enhanced visuals that are completely redone to make the game look better for the modern player. Panzer Dragoon also features many upgrades to the game controls that will allow players to enjoy riding a dragon on Nintendo Switch.

The second game is also announced, in the first, the hero will have to find two dragons and two powerful weapons from the past, he will be riding one of the dragons and fighting the horde of enemies. The dragon will be attacked from all sides, so players will have to use a lock-on weapon or rapid fire depending on what enemies are in the scene.

Most recent edition of Panzer Dragoon was Orta that came out in the year 2002 for Xbox in Japan and 2003 in American and Europe. The game was developed by Smilebit and was founded by former members of Team Andromeda. The story of Panzer Dragoon Orta revolved around a teenage girl who was held captive in town. She was then rescued by a Dragon after the town was under attack and later find a drone name Abadd.

Panzer Dragoon remake looks a little different, we will reveal more as we get updates on the story and gameplay.

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