Where Is The Fortnite Panther’s Prowl Location (Answered)

Looking for Panther's Prowl Fortnite Location? Where to find it on the map & how to complete Visit the Panther's Prowl challenge? Read on!

One of the Week 3 challenges in Fortnite is to Visit Panther’s Prowl which will earn you a good amount of XP. It is also a tribute to Chadwick Boseman, the iconic actor of Black Panther, who passed away in August. Many players are wondering how to see this statue in the game. If you want to know where is the Panther’s Prowl location in Fortnite, here’s how to find it easily.

Panther’s Prowl Fortnite Location: Where To Visit

To get to Panther’s Prowl in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, you need to look to the left of Misty Meadows. The exact location has been marked in the Fortnite map below.


The Panther’s Prowl statue is not hard to spot – it’s a glorious statue kept on an elevated platform with stripes on it. You have to make sure to land on it from the Battle Bus to complete the Week 3 challenge.

In case you don’t land directly on it, you can walk to it and build your way up to the statue. If you think that there’s something else you have to do in this challenge, luckily, the answer is no. Simply reaching the location and standing on the statue’s platform is good enough.

Since the location isn’t named, you can use this guide to make your way towards the POI. As soon as you do that, you will be notified of the challenge completion. Additionally, you will earn a reward of 25,000 XP immediately after that.

With the addition of this POI, speculations are rising about a Black Panther skin being added in the game. Data miners are also talking about a couple of Black Panther mythic superhero abilities. Let’s wait and watch if that happens in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4.

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