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Paladins Tier List March 2023

Paladins Ranked Tier List 2023: We've ranked the best characters. Know the best characters that you can use in the game.

This is the complete ranked character Tier List for Paladins. Here we have ranked the characters in the game according to the ones we find the best. While these aren’t definite rankings by any measure, these are based on the community rankings for the game. So, take these rankings with a grain of salt. Now, let’s scroll down and find out the best characters in Paladins.

Paladins Character Tier List

Paladins Ranked Tier List 2021

Atlas S – TIER
Barik S – TIER
Khan A – TIER
Mal’ Damba A – TIER
Kinessa A – TIER
Lian A – TIER
Makoa A – TIER
Sha Lin A – TIER
Terminus A – TIER
Tiberius A – TIER
Tyre A – TIER
Jenos A – TIER
Zhin A – TIER
Androxus A – TIER
Ruckus A – TIER
Maeve A – TIER
Ash A – TIER
Corvus A – TIER
Evie A – TIER
Fernando A – TIER
Grover A – TIER
Viktor A – TIER
Raum B – TIER
Willo B – TIER
Dredge B – TIER
Cassie B – TIER
Ying B – TIER
Yagorath B – TIER
Vora B – TIER
Buck B – TIER
Drogoz B – TIER
Inara C – TIER
Lex C – TIER
Bomb King C – TIER
Seris C – TIER
Vivian C – TIER
Furia C – TIER
Imani C – TIER
Koga D – TIER
Strix D – TIER
Skye D – TIER
Pip D – TIER
Torvald D – TIER
Moji F – TIER
Talus F – TIER
Grohk F – TIER
Vatu F – TIER
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This is everything you need to know about the Paladins Tier List. Here at Gamer Tweak, we have ranked a lot of game characters, so have a look at our Tier List section in the interlinked article to look for your favorite characters.