Oxygen Not Included Cheat Codes – Turn on God Mode, Instant Build & More

By Raaj
7 Min Read

Here are all cheat codes you can use in Oxygen Not Included. This game allows you to put cheats, and you can use different cheat codes to unlock various items instantly without wasting time. Like you can use cheat codes in Oxygen Not Included to enable God Mode, cheat for the instant build, cheat to discover all elements and lot more. In this Oxygen Not Included cheat code guide, you can find the list of best cheats for the game as well as a cheat to boost build. So let’s begin with Oxygen Not Included all cheat codes.

How to use cheats in Oxygen Not Included?

Cheats are not enabled by default in Oxygen Not Included. You will have to activate Debug Menu that will give you access to use cheats codes in the game. So here is a step by step instruction on how to use cheats in Oxygen Not Included.

  1. To activate cheat codes you will need the Debug Menu.
  2. Create an empty text file and save it with the name debug_enable. The entire file name is debug_enable.txt.
  3. Move the file to the game installation folder. If you had bought this game on Steam then just right click on the game and choose Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files.
  4. Move empty debug_enable.txt file inside the OxygenNotIncluded_Data folder.
  5. Press Backspace to view the Debug Menu and select the desired cheat. Or else you can use the hotkeys to use cheats in Oxygen Not Included.

After moving the file restart everything once like Steam, or best reboot your pc. Now you have enabled debugging mode in Oxygen Not Included. Now you can use cheats in Oxygen Not Included.

If you are playing Oxygen Not Included on Mac then launch the game. Right-click and then select Open Package Contents. Copy and paste debug_enable.txt inside the content folder. Restart the game and now you will be able to see Debug Menu content from where you can run cheats.

Oxygen Not Included Cheats List:

Press the key combination to activate the cheat. For example, launch the game and press Alt + F4 to activate God Mode. There are many cheats like this you can try out in Oxygen Not Included. Have fun playing.

  1. Backspace – DebugToggle
  2. ALT + F4 – God Mode
  3. CTRL + F9 – Discover All Elements
  4. CTRL + F4 – Instant Build Mode
  5. ALT + Z – DebugSuperSpeed
  6. ALT + F7 – DebugInvincible
  7. ALT + Q – DebugTeleport
  8. CTRL + F8 – DebugExplosion
  9.  ALT + M – DebugReloadMods
  10. ALT + L – DebugReloadLevel
  11. CTRL + T – DebugFocus
  12. CTRL + U – DebugUltraTestMode
  13. CTRL + F2 – DebugSpawnDuplicant
  14. ALT + T – DebugToggleSelectInEditor
  15. Backquote/Tilde – ToggleProfiler
  16. AlphaO – DebugPaintForceFlower
  17. SHIFT + F1 – DebugVisualTest
  18. SHIFT + F2 – DebugGameplayTest
  19. SHIFT + F3 – DebugElementTest
  20. SHIFT + F4 – DebugRiverTest
  21. SHIFT + F5 – DebugTileTest
  22. CTRL + 5 – DebugSelectMalerlia
  23. CTRL + M – DebugToggleMusic
  24. CTRL + Q – DebugGotoTarget
  25. CTRL + F3 – DebugPlace
  26. CTRL + F5 – DebugShowTestMode
  27. CTRL + F6 – DebugDig
  28. CTRL + F12 – DebugTriggerException
  29. ALT + N – DebugRefreshNavDell
  30. ALT + P – DebugPathFinding
  31. ALT + X – DebugNotification
  32. ALT + C – DebugNotificationMessage
  33. ALT + F1 – DebugToggleUI
  34. ALT + F3 – DebugCollectGarbage
  35. ALT + F8 – DebugApplyHighAudioReverb
  36. ALT + F9 – DebugApplyLowAudioReverb
  37. ALT + F10 – DebugForceLightEverywhere
  38. ALT + F11 – DebugCellInfo

What is Primary Debugging Mode in Oxygen Not Included?

Primary Debugging Mode is accessible by pressing by the backspace key. You can turn cheats on and off using Backspace. When you press Backspace for the first time after moving the empty  debug_enable file, the debug mode will take a few seconds to open. In this mode, you can do the following things.

  • Cheat like Turn of Fog of War will let you zoom as far as you want.
  • You can paint solid, liquid and gasses that replace existing matter with new matter.
  • You can also copy and paste different areas of the world, you can also duplicate buildings and their setting include its content.
  • In the Debugging mode, you can also copy-paste world templates. For this first enable DebugInstantBuildMode by pressing Ctrl + F4.

Effects of DebugInstantBuildMode in Oxygen Not Included?

When you enable DebugInstantBuildMode in Oxygen Not Included you will get some additional effects. Like there will no resource consumption, almost all types of buildings will be available, etc. Below is the list of effects.

  • After placing an order it will be built instantly without using any existing resources.
  • All types of buildings and construction types will be available instantly without research.
  • New Dig orders will dig out blocks instantly. It does not work in pause.
  • Queue up orders in any building will be produced instantly even if there is no power.
  • You can assign the job to any Duplicant in the game, even it does not meet the job requirement. Duplicant will retain the job even after you turn off DebugInstantBuildMode cheat.
  • Incomplete Research  Subjects will become fully researched.

So these are all the cheats you can try out in Oxygen Not Included game on PC and on Console. Have fun playing and do visit gamertweak.com for more latest updates, tips and tricks on latest games.