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The Ultimate Guide on How to Start Playing Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included Guide

We offer you to familiarize yourself with Oxygen Not Included tips to deal with this complex simulator, where players build and develop a colony on an asteroid. This game is very diverse, and it will take a lot of time to consider all aspects and the mechanic. Therefore, we will try to tell you only about the basics of survival in Oxygen Not Included.


Base Construction

Let’s start our Oxygen Not Included tips for beginners with a base. After starting the game, take a pause, and examine your surroundings. Pay attention to various biomes, temperature conditions, and any resources. One of the first things to focus on is building a base. We strongly recommend that you start by ensuring that each room has the same size. It should be four blocks high. This will allow you to build and expand it correctly in the future.

It is a good idea to separate the areas that will be populated so as not to spray oxygen over a huge space. Oxygen is a valuable resource and you must make sure that you are not wasting it. There is no need to run oxygen into a tunnel that you are not going to use. Just hold the air where it is needed.

It will be useful to build a separate room at the bottom of the base with a horizontal door. Heavy gas, such as CO2, will sink to the bottom just in this room. This is a great way to collect and neutralize harmful gas so that there will only be oxygen in the upper rooms.


Use the Database

When you have a question about the game, you can almost always find the answer in the database. To access it, click on the small pink box in the upper right corner of the screen. Information about devices, diseases, resources, and jobs is collected here.


Keep in mind that chlorine is very dangerous. At the same time, inhalation of mucous gas can lead to one of the unpleasant diseases of the colonists called pulmonary mucus. It is difficult to cope with it, so you should work carefully.


When extracting mucus, it is recommended to dig down. If the area is filled with carbon dioxide, then your guys will not be able to breathe. And this is actually even good. During work, they will hold their breath, reducing the likelihood of getting Pulmonary Mucus. Just make sure there is an easily accessible oxygen zone nearby.


After some time, you can begin to automate processes using various machines. Do not be afraid to experiment with them. There are many useful aggregates available for assembly, which are able to improve the cleaning and resource management processes.


Don’t Be Afraid to Reload the Game

If you make a mistake in the game, you can reboot or even completely reset the progress at any time. You can also use the death strategy. Every three cycles you can get a new colonist, so some can be driven to the point where they work literally until death. In some scenarios this option will work, so feel free to try.

Keep Track of the Temperature

One of the parameters that you need to monitor in the colony is temperature. You can check it on a special screen. Many believe that it can be supported through research on air and water cooling. But they are completely unnecessary!

Check locations and plan the location of the power plant. Look for hot biomes before digging anywhere. If you need to cool the air, use a cold-blooded plant. Find it and place it where necessary. It is used to effectively cool air and water. In this way, you can save energy and search for resources.

Pay Attention to the Stress

One of the deadliest factors in the game is stress overload. When the stress level of your team increases, they begin to act differently. Moreover, their mood is reflected in other colonists. For example, if someone starts vomiting due to excessive stress, other colonists will clean his vomit, which will increase their stress level.

Reduce stress by adding furniture and decorations to the colony. Pictures, individual restrooms, lighting, and a large amount of oxygen undoubtedly increase stress resistance.

In our Oxygen Not Included guide, we discussed the most relevant points for beginners. If you study them and keep looking at different guides, you will be able to become a pro.