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How To Easily Get Contenders Skin In Overwatch

Overwatch is offering contenders skins of Mercy and Symmetra can be earned by watching Contenders live stream. Check out how to unlock skins

Contender Skins In Overwatch are given to players who tune in to the esports spectacle and invest their time. Having a contender skin shows that not only are you into playing Overwatch but are also a part of the esports Overwatch community. This guide will show you how to get the contenders skins in Overwatch.

How To Unlock Contenders Skin In Overwatch


October 15, 2020, marked the first day of Overwatch Contenders Season 2 and there are two skins that you can get your hands on and those are Mercy and Symmetra Contender Skins. If you want to unlock these skins you will have to log into your Battle.net account and watch the Contenders Stream live.

how to get contenders skin in overwatch

The only way right now to get the Contenders Skins in Overwatch is by watching Streams of the official Overwatch Contender Season 2. You will have to invest your time into watching these streams and that’s all you have to do.


How To Unlock Contenders Home and Away Symmetra Skins

To get your hands on the Contenders Home and Away Symmertra Skins, you will have to watch a minimum of seven hours of the stream.

How To Unlock Contenders Home and Away Mercy Skins


To unlock the mercy skins, the skates are even higher as you will have to invest a minimum of 15 hours to get the Contenders Home and Away Mercy skins.

While these skins are only decorative, they show how invested you are towards the game and show off your loyalty to Overwatch. You will need to keep in mind that you have to watch the stream live as it happens and not later on.

Only live views count towards you filling up the hours, you will also have to make sure that you’re logged into your Battle.net. You can watch the stream right here on the Overwatch Contenders Website.


If you’re on a console, you will have to link your Battle.net account with your console and if you do not know how to do it, you can check it out right here.

This is all there is to do to unlock the contenders skin in Overwatch. You should also check out the Halloween Terror Event and grab the epic and legendary skins available right now. Check out how to do it only on Gamer Tweak.