Overwatch Announce Archives Event Storm Rising

Get ready for the Storm Event

Overwatch is about to launch another Archives Event which will begin on April 16th and end on May 6th.

Archive Event Storm Rising will be the successor of Uprising and Retribution which were introduced earlier in the game.

A teaser for this event was published by the official Overwatch twitter handle which gives a brief about the mission that the players are about to take part in.

This will probably be a story based PvE team mission and you will have to defeat Talon.

Not a lot of details are available yet about this event, but the four characters that the players will be able to use are Tracer, Mercy, Winston, and Genji.

There also seem to be a few hints about a new location being unveiled called Havana in the game.

Overwatch is available for Pc, Xbox One and PS4

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