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Overwatch Developers Told about Open Competitive Mode And Other New Things

Overwatch Future Updates

Blizzard Entertainment vice president Jeff Kaplan, in the new Overwatch Developer News Release, told about the innovations of the competitive action game. First of all, he told about the open competitive mode, which is currently available in the Arcade and allows you to play without restrictions 2 × 2 × 2.

Different countries reacted to this innovation in different ways. In Korea, open competitive mode took second place in popularity throughout the game. And in North America, it lost to Mystery heroes mode. But in general, it turned out to be unexpectedly in demand, so the developers decided to return it in the future, although for a while it will still disappear.


The next short season of the open mode in Arcade will be held somewhere in mid-June, and in early July. With the beginning of the 23rd competitive season, the open mode will become part of the main version of the shooter.

Developers will also continue to more frequently update the balance and experiment with disabling certain heroes in the main mode. They are also working to reduce the waiting time for matches. According to the statistics collected, the emergence of an open mode will just help to reduce the waiting time.

Finally, Blizzard will take a new approach to the rotation of heroes. Now, this feature works only in matches with a skill rating above 3500. That is, most players will no longer see rotation but will be able to play with any heroes. So, the game promises to become even better.