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Overwatch Makes Over 1 Billion Dollars From In-Game Content

Overwatch blew up overnight as it was released and the players could not have enough of this which has led to Overwatch earning more than 1 Billion dollars from in-game content.

Lootboxes are one of the most notorious in-game transactions which have caused a lot of debates over the internet and government alike, but it looks like the same system has worked in favor for Blizzard’s Overwatch.


This data was provided by SuperData which keeps track of the video game industry and how games are performing.

In-game transactions make a ton of money for the developers who can deliver more content for the same game and keep players invested in the game. Overwatch is the 64th game to reach this milestone.

The game had recently celebrated its 3rd anniversary and it looks like the game is still working beyond expectations. Overwatch has delivered backstory to many of its characters and this multiplayer game keeps bringing people back to the game with tons of content.


It is certainly without a doubt that loot boxes are here to stay for a while, the industry has yet to decide on how to fairly implement this system.

Overwatch is developed by Activision and Blizzard and is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.