Overwatch reveals Baptiste’s Dark Past Ahead Of Storm Rising Event

Overwatch has been hyping its new big event that is scheduled to run from April 16th to May 6 titled ‘Storm Rising’ which will see players form a team to take down a Talon Operative named Maximilien, but there seems to be a call to the past as Overwatch has just announced a brand-new skin for their newest character Baptiste.

Instead of a heroic attire, this is a call back from the bast of Baptiste being a Talon operative before turning as it is accounted in the Overwatch lore.

the above video shows the dark side of Baptiste in his early days and the red and white armor certainly adds to his character giving him a natural look in it. Certainly more dynamic than his current loadout.

The new event ‘Storm Rising’ will have PvE co-op missions which will be part of the story. You will be able to play with the characters like Tracer, Genji, Winston, and Mercy in an attempt to bring down Maximilien in this mode.

Blizzard might unveil more cosmetic changes to the characters leading up to the event.

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