[Overwatch 2 News] Introducing the Defense Matrix initiative – to fortify gameplay integrity and positivity

Defense Matrix activated! Fortifying gameplay integrity and positivity in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 going free-to-play is driven by our belief that the game should be played and enjoyed alongside friends. On October 4, we are excited to welcome even more players into our universe. While this is an exciting time, we also recognize that free-to-play introduces new challenges in how we disincentivize disruptive behavior and gameplay. We’re ready to meet these challenges head-on with a new initiative we’re calling Defense Matrix.

Defense Matrix encompasses our infrastructure of systems designed to help protect the integrity of gameplay and promote positive behavior in Overwatch 2. This initiative is spearheaded by a group made up of cross-functional teams throughout Blizzard, and they have defined a set of goals that are guiding our mission to ensure a great experience for all Overwatch 2 players:

  • Define, develop, and nurture programs that will ensure a positive experience for all players.
  • Ensure competitive integrity at every level of play by rapidly identifying and eliminating cheaters and disruptive players.
  • Create a safer community both in and out of the game by embracing a firm stance against disruptive gameplay and enabling players who are both positive and constructive to be the leading voices in the community.