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Overwatch 2 Announced By Blizzard At Blizzcon 2019

It was rumored for a long time that the second iteration of Overwatch was in the works and now it is confirmed. Blizzard confirmed the release of Overwatch 2 during the latest Blizzcon 2019 event.

Blizzard has been surrounded by a lot of controversies in recent days due to banning a Heartstone player who supported a pro-Hong Kong movement. Though the trailer is fun it remains to be seen exactly what the gameplay will be like.


The trailer shows our favorite heroes dropping in the streets of France and taking on bots that have been demolishing the city. There is a tender moment between Winston, Mei, and Tracer in the trailer.

As far as the trailer goes, the game looks like a breath of fresh air into the overwatch games and as you progress into the trailer furthermore you will get to see more and more characters from the game come up to save the day.

As in typical Overwatch style, the trailer for Overwatch 2 is epic in all proportions and is deeply emotional.


As Blizzard is going through a turmoil it is hard to guess how the reception of the game will be but Blizzard has certainly gone against the freedom of speech of people which has been well documented all over the internet.

Overwatch 2 is going to have a story mode with the competitive multiplayer still being a core identity of the game.

Developed by Blizzard, Overwatch 2 will be made available for PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4 with a release date not yet announced.