Overcooked 2 Campfire Cook DLC Details – New Map, Levels, Chefs & More

Cool Co-op cooking games some new chefs

Cute little chefs, cute little camps and lots of fun. S’More Overcooked 2 gets a brand new DLC Campfire Cook that brings some new content for the game. And these new things are worth to check once if you love co-op cooking games.

Overcooked features a chaotic co-op cooking game, one of its kind that requires players to serve different kinds of recipes. Players from one to four can play together and cook various types of recipes like sushi, pasta, cake, burgers, and burritos. There will be a series of hungry customer constantly visiting the crazy kitchens.

Overcooked takes you to the Onion Kingdom where Onion King himself needs your help to save the kingdom. Gear up with your friends and family and save the Onion Kingdom, but cooking, chopping, frying, baking doing everything needed to keep the crazy kitchen running.

Overcooked 2 Campfire Cook DLC Details:

  • New map! Climb aboard the Onion King’s bus and follow the famous Trail Mix Trail to new kitchens!
  • 12 levels! Play a whole host of new kitchens with up to three of your friends, from tall treetops to rushing rivers!
  • Chefs! Four new chefs are ready to take on the great outdoors and show off their al fresco cooking skills!
  • Recipes! Two brand new recipes to perfect!
  • Mechanics! Campfire Cook-Off introduces some new mechanics that will put even the best chefs to the test.

With the DLC Overcooked 2 developers also announced season pass that will offer players quick access to Campier Cook-Off and two future DLC packs coming this year. The cost o season pass is £14.99/€16.99/$19.99. Overcooked 2 is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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