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Outriders: How Many Class Points In Total

Find out how many class points can you unlock in Outriders and more information about it in this guide.

Outriders Class Points is the prominent way to improve your character abilities by upgrading them in your class tree. There are three divisions of each class, each focusing on a different primary aspect: Weapon Damage, Survival, or Anomaly Power. So players might wonder, how many class points are there in Outriders and when do you earn the final point? Let’s look at this today.

How Many Class Points Are There in Outriders?


Outriders has a total of 20 class points available, with the final point awarded once you reach level 30, which is the level cap. As a result, there aren’t enough points to completely fill up all three class trees, but you can reset the tree at any time and allot the class points to different skills. This is really useful in experimenting with different abilities and playstyles in all 4 different classes.

How Many Class Points Are There in Outriders

Class Trees are the tools that allow you to specialize a character. Class Points are earned by progressing through the world tiers. They can then be spent on a character’s Class skill tree, allowing them to develop. These points are used to unlock class tree nodes in the Class tab of the menu, which serves as your Class Traits. It’s critical to have synergies between objects, firearms, and skills.


It’s worth noting that you can respec your Class Points at any time by going to the Hero Menu’s ‘Class’ page. You will reinvest all of your class points in Outriders here after they’ve been reset.

The Class Tree has both small and big nodes. Each small node adds to the attributes of your character. Large nodes have more effect, awarding higher percentage-based incentives and affecting a broader range of mechanics. Some wide nodes have an impact on entire skill sets with the same keyword in their definition.

So, that’s everything you need to know about how many class points are there in total in Outriders. We’ve got more tips, tricks, and information for you in our Outriders guides so don’t miss out on them.