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Outriders Demo Download: How To Download Outriders On PC, PlayStation, Xbox

Here's how to download the Outriders demo on all platforms.

There’s a new addition in the world of co-op role playing games and that’s Outriders. The game is releasing on April 1 but the demo will give a good sneak peek into what players can expect and the Outriders demo looks really impressive. There are four classes of characters like Trickster, Devastator, Pyromancer and Technomancer. But the best thing is that the demo supports cross play between every platform it is releasing on. With it, you can easily play with your friends and join the fun. Want to know how to download Outriders Demo on PC, PlayStation and Xbox? Here’s how.

How to Download Outriders Demo


The Outriders Demo released on February 25, 2021 and you can get it on PC via Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

Outriders Demo Download PC (Steam)


how to download outriders demo on pc steam

You can get Outriders Demo on PC by going to Steam and searching for Outriders. Once you see the demo, click on the download button and you will be able to play the game. Note that you need a minimum of 24GB storage space for it.

Outriders Demo Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S


Follow these steps to get the Outriders Demo on Xbox:

  • Open up the Microsoft Store
  • Search for Outriders just in case you don’t see it on the home page.
  • Click on the download button on the game’s page.
  • This needs a minimum of 22GB storage space on your Xbox.

How to Download Outriders Demo on PlayStation (PS4 and PS5)

how to download outriders demo on ps4 ps5


  • Head to the PlayStation store (PSN Store).
  • Make sure you have logged into your account.
  • Head to the Games Submenu.
  • In the Must See section, choose Outriders demo and download it.
  • On PlayStation consoles, you need a minimum of 22GB space.

Outriders Demo Not Working

If the Outriders Demo is not working, it could be a server issue because of the huge demand. Rest assured that their servers are scaling up, as per their tweet. Wait a little bit and try again later and you should be able to download the demo without issues.

That’s everything on the Outriders Demo Download on PC (Steam), Xbox and PlayStation consoles. We will be providing some tips and tricks about this game to make your experience even better, so stay tuned. While you are here, find out if Outriders will have any microtransactions or not.