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Outriders DLC Roadmap: What to Expect in Future Updates?

Addicted to Outriders and want more of it, We’ll guide you with the Roadmap ahead.

It was not even a month ago that Outriders came out and it has already become a success. Outriders demo topped the Steam list and so did the game as well after its release. It’s been two weeks since the release and Outriders is still at the top of the Steam charts. Although players are facing some glitches in various stages of the game, the situation isn’t like Cyberpunk. The glitches are such that can be fixed by Square Enix in further updates and patches. Given the hype and the tremendous response the game has received talks about DLC announcement are doing rounds on social platforms. If you are also curious to know about the roadmap further stick till the end.

Outriders DLC Roadmap & Future Updates?

Outriders DLC 2021

As of now, there is no official news regarding any DLC, but the developers have been saying the future of Outriders will depend on its receptions. Considering that around 2 million copies have already been sold and the game will be on X box game pass the reception has been great with no sign of slowing down. These numbers are despite the Glitches and Inventory wipes players have been facing so DLC seems probable. An Interview with the Developer mentioned how they still have many stories to tell and areas to tap into in the Outriders world.

Outriders isn’t a Masterpiece, but it has the potential to be one. The setting of Outriders seems perfect, even if the storyline doesn’t. Set on another world with the last batch of humans fighting another species, there are a lot of untapped areas there. Developers can come up with side stories, new weapons, and also the most anticipated offline mode. There is a lot that can be done with Outriders and we hope we get to see some of these soon. With the Developers hinting towards it, coupled with the great response Outriders is getting we can expect a DLC in the coming months.

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