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Outer Worlds Divert Power to Edgewater or Deserters Comes Now The Power Quest

There are moments in The Outer Worlds where you will be stuck in a dilemma and no matter what option you think about choosing will have a lasting effect, the Comes Now The Power is a quest of one such caliber. This guide will help you choose who to help in the Outer Worlds Comes Now The Power quest.

Outer Worlds Divert Power to Edgewater or Deserters


This has got to be the first moral dilemma you face in the Outer Worlds, the game is vast and filled with a ton of missions and quests and some of these will certainly play mind games with you.

In the quest Comes Now The Power you are faced with the task of either saving the city of Edgewater which has a lot of people, but they are almost in slave conditions or you can either save the Deserters, a small community barely making ends meet.

The problem with this quest is you will never know which side to help, as both of these choices feel like a loss which does a number on you mentally.


Choosing either side will give you the same amount of XP, though your reputation will certainly fall with the people you chose to abandon.

Siding with the corp has its benefits and so does siding with the deserters, but what most people do not know is the fact that there is a third secret option too.

Choosing the third option will result in the closure of the Botanical Lab and will upset Reed in the process.


If you wish to choose the third outcome you will have to do the following:

You will need to route the power to Edgewater, this will certainly be the end of the Botanical Lab. After this, you will need to go to the Botanical Lab and talk to Adelaide and ask her to come to Edgewater.

COnvince her that you will talk to Reed and try to find out about her fertilizing technique, once you do this go to the Cannery and talk to Reed and tell him about Adelaide’s new fertilizing technique.


This will make Reed step down from his position, after this you have to go back to Adelaide and tell her about the incident which will allow her to take Reed’s former position, resulting in a universal happy choice.

For this to happen though you need to make sure that you have enough points in Persuade and Lie. This will help you get a Reputation from both the settlements and a new item.

This is all there is to know which faction to choose in the Comes Now The Power quest. Do check our other Outer Worlds Wiki Guides, Tips and Tricks only on Gamer Tweak.