Our World Is Ended Available For Pre-order For Switch & PS4

Judgement 7's Battle Between Fiction And Reality

Our World Is Ended launch trailer is out, the game features a team of eccentric developer “Judgement 7” who are working on their latest game in Augmented Reality. The team is working on a new game engine called W.O.R.L.D. They found their augmented reality headset has a certain change that let them travel into a different dimension where they see their world is ruined.

The team is not trapped between the fiction and the real world, characters and creatures from previous games are breaching the fictional world putting the reality on risk. Judgment 7 becomes the barrier between destruction and their home. Our World Is Ended is set on Asakusa one of Tokyo’s most icon district. It has stunning visuals and CG’s offering a vibrant world of fiction and reality.

Our World Is Ended Game Features:

  • Set in real-world Asakusa in Tokyo, indie game developers ‘Judgement 7” AR tech goes awry, spilling into and affecting the real world.
  • Directed by acclaimed Noki Morita- the author and planner of the excellent Sakura Wars.
  • Stunning character and background art from Eirl Shirai and Cre-P for a uniquely dreamy style.
  • A deadbeat, misfit cast of geeks and weirdos round off a truly memorable ensemble.

Our World Is Ended will be releasing on PS4 and Nintendo Switch on April 18 for Europe and May 28 for North America. The available is available for Pre-order.

Visit PQube for Pre-order info.

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