Apex Legends: What Are Orientation Matches?

Confused about the new additions to the game? Here's a quick guide on Orientation Matches.

Apex Legends has just entered its new Season 16: Revelry to the joy of fans the world over. The new season comes with massive overhauls to the class system by adding perks exclusive to each class. Along with a new weapon, The Nemesis the game has also introduced new game modes. Here is a quick guide on what Orientation matches are in Apex Legends.

What are Orientation matches in Apex Legends?

orientation matches apex legends

Orientation matches are a new gameplay mode that acts as a tutorial for players who are just starting Apex Legends. Once you complete the basic tutorial, queue up for an Orientation game to get a real feel of what regular Apex matches will be like. Orientation matches can be queued solo or with friends and will mostly feature AI bots but you can also encounter other new players like yourself. These matches are a great tool to get familiar with the different maps while also getting accustomed to the quick twitch reflexes needed to compete in real games.

These matches have been added to the game for new players to try their hand at all the 22 characters in the game. Each fall under four classes and they are tailor-made to fit a certain role in each squad. Try out each character to find the one that most suits your gameplay style. Once you consistently come in the top five or rank first in a few Orientation Matches you should be ready to play in real games with other competitive players.

After Orientation Matches

After playing Orientation Matches players can try out these game modes

  • Battle Royale– Line up with a squad of friends or strangers to fight it out on maps till one team makes it to the end. Can be played in Duo or Trio mode.
  • Ranked League– A trio-mode Battle Royale where you earn a rank and compete with similarly ranked players till only one team remains.
  • Team Deathmatch– Two teams of six players battle it out until one reaches 50 kills first.

That’s all there is to know about Orientation matches in Apex Legends. Check out other Apex Legends guides for more tips here on Gamer Tweak.