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All Orbs In All Star Tower Defense

Take a look at all Roblox ASTD orbs and what they do in the game.

Roblox All Star Tower Defense (ASTD) developed by Top Down Games has been around for a long time. The game has gained popularity steadily because of its gameplay mechanics. In this tower defense game, you’ll be required to make a team of Heroes to defeat other players on the server. Players can also equip the characters with Orbs that’ll provide them with some amazing buffs. If you are a newcomer and unaware of what orbs do in the game, then we’ll help you out. In this article we will guide you through the list of all Orbs and what do they do in All Star Tower Defense (ASTD).


List of Orbs in Roblox ASTD

All Orbs In Roblox All Star Tower Defense

As of now, there are up to 39 orbs available in All Star Tower Defense (ASTD). Below we have mentioned all of them along with their effects and required characters.

Orbs Required Characters Effects
Universal Reduction Orb All Units 15% reduction in total cost
Titanic Orb Amen 500% initial DMG


1000% Upgrade DMG

Reset Orb Yoshaga Kiryu Add ability to last upgrade Kiryu 6
Demonic Orb Demon Spirit Detective 100% initial DMG

225% Upgrade DMG

Frozen Giant Orb Nominated Female Giant 200% initial DMG


500% Upgrade DMG

Gravity Orb Blinding Lights 2000% initial DMG

2500% Upgrade DMG

Black Hole Black Stache 20% Initial RNG


Initial SPA -2

God Heart Orb Buddha Chairman 800% initial DMG

900% Upgrade DMG

Paw Orb Tyrant 1250% initial DMG

600% Upgrade DMG

Blooming Orb Zyaya 800% initial DMG

2000% Upgrade DMG

Prey Eye Orb All Units 10% initial RNG

15% initial DMG

Cost -50

Operator Orb  Dr. Heart Replacement Skill
Crywolf Orb Tony Stark 1700% DMG
Rose Orb Koku Black Pink 500% initial DMG

2000% Upgrade DMG

Green Natural Orb Legendary Borul 2350% DMG
Snake Orb Ruffy 100% initial DMG

100% Upgrade DMG

Pink Star Orb Star Boy 200% DMG
Limitation Orb Gen 700% initial DMG

1600% Upgrade DMG

Venomous Orb Venom 500% DMG
Supa Future Orb Supa Future T 350% DMG
God Earing Orb (Right) Vegu Can form Vegito
God Earing Orb (Left) Koku Can form Vegito
Moon Orb Koku DMG & Upgrades
Blueeye Orb All Units 30% initial RNG
Demon M Orb Super Boo 500% initial DMG

1000% Upgrade DMG

Golden F Scaling Orb Golden Supreme Leader 200% initial DMG

100% Upgrade DMG

The Hawk Orb Zorro 1300% DMG
Bombra Orb All Units 30% initial DMG
Snow Orb Ice Queen (B&D) 200% initial DMG

1000% Upgrade DMG

Cost Orb All Units Reduces cost by 100$
Path Orb The Path 100% initial DMG

100% Upgrade DMG

Fire Rage Orb All Units 100% initial DMG
Quake Orb Whitestache 180% initial DMG

1500% Upgrade DMG

Beast M Scaling Orb Mikato 200% initial DMG

250% Upgrade DMG

Death Orb Kura, Death 500% DMG
Rainbow Orb Kovegu 2000% DMG
Lightning Breath Orb Renitsu 900% initial DMG

2500% Upgrade DMG

Mera Orb Spade 600% initial DMG

1000% Upgrade DMG

What do Orbs in All Star Tower Defense do? (Explained)

Orbs in All Star Tower Defense (ASTD) can be equipped to a unit helping players buff characters’ abilities. However, Orbs can only be equipped to the Hero stated in their description. For example, Paw Orb will only provide buffs to Tyrant, no matter which unit you equip it to. But don’t worry, there are also some that are suitable and work for all character’s units. Players can easily obtain these magical orbs by going on raids, beating trials, or simply buying them from the Orbs Shop. Moreover, some can also be crafted using various materials.

That’s everything about all Orbs in Roblox ASTD and what do they do. Also, take a look at All Star Tower Defense codes for free upgrades and more. For more tips & tricks check out other Roblox game guides.