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Orb Of Nurturing: Where To Plant In Dreamlight Valley & Growth Time

Know where to plant the Orb Of Nurturing and how to make it grow faster in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

During Scar’s Nature and Nurture quest, players will be asked to plant the Orb Of Nurturing at the Pillar in the Sunlit Plateau in Dreamlight Valley. This guide will explain where to plant it, what is the growth time and how you can speed up the process.


Where to Plant the Orb Of Nurturing in Dreamlight Valley (Location)

Where to Plant the Orb Of Nurturing in Dreamlight Valley

  • Open up your map and find the Sunlit Plateau area. Zoom in and you will see an area right next to the plants.
  • Dig a hole in front of the pillar with the glowing purple center and fog with your Royal shovel.
  • Plant the Orb Of Nurturing there.
  • Once you do that, you will get a message that says “Tend to the Orb Of Nurturing until it’s fully restored. This might take a few days)”.
  • Make sure to check back often to see if you need to water the plant.

If you don’t have the patience to nurture the Orb until the spark of magic returns to it, there’s a trick you can do to make it grow instantly.

Orb of Nurturing Growth Time – How Long Does it Take?

It will take at least 3 days (with sufficient watering) for the Orb of Nurturing to grow completely. It may even take longer if it’s not watered enough.


Trick to Make the Orb of Nurturing Fully Restore Immediately

nature nurture scar quest orb

u/mr_tyler_durden has posted a trick on Reddit that will make the plant grow fully. What you need to do is craft an Even More Miraculous Growth Elixir. As the description states, you can add this elixir to your Watering Can, and just a sprinkle of it will make your crops grow instantly.


So, if you craft an Even More Miraculous Growth Elixir and use it via your Watering Can on your Orb of Nurturing, the process of nurturing it will speed up significantly. Make sure to use it when the seed is dry. Keep in mind that rains can also delay the dryness of the seed and hence, can slow down the process.

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