Orange Pebbles In Disney Dreamlight Valley (Locations Guide)

Struggling to locate the Orange Pebbles in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Then here's a list of locations guide for you.

If you are wondering about the locations to find all 20 Orange Pebbles in Disney Dreamlight Valley, then this is the guide you need. As we are all familiar with, the Pride of the Valley has brought Nala & Simba to the game along with some new puzzles. And in this puzzle, you’ll have to find the Orange Pebbles in order to make the Orange Potato. If you can’t wait to get your hands on this new item and see what mystery it holds, then so do we. With that said, let’s dive into the list of locations to find these Orange Pebbles in the game.

Where to Find 20 Orange Pebbles in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Locations)

Where to Find 20 Orange Pebbles in Disney Dreamlight Valley (Locations)
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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can find Orange Pebbles within the Dream Castle in the realms. These are Moana Realm, Ratatouille Realm, Frozen Realm, WALL-E Realm, Toy Story Realm & Mickey’s Secret Room. But before you can find them, you’ll have to acquire the Lenses of Shadows. Or else you won’t be able to spot the tiny pebbles scattered around. To get these Glasses complete the Treasure Hunt Part Two quest from level 10 Scrooge McDuck. If you already have it, then scroll down for locations.

Dream Castle

  • First, head inside the castle, and behind the left pillar at the entrance of the castle, you’ll find your first pebble.
  • After that, take the stairs and head up to the second floor. And behind the pillar at the balcony you’ll find one more.
  • From there take the left stairs to head to the very top of the castle and beside the plant, you’ll find the pebble.

Mickey’s Secret Room

  • As soon as you enter the room, players will find one pebble on the floor on the right side in front of the green sofa.
  • Next, move further and near the bookshelf, you’ll find it lying on the floor.
  • After that, take the conspicuous book located near the wooden chest and place it on the bookshelf. Doing so will open a secret door, simply head inside, and near the 3 barrels you’ll find the pebble.

Ratatouille Realm

  • After entering the Disney Dreamlight Valley most iconic character’s realm, you’ll find one of the Orange Pebbles at the very end of the kitchen. To be exact it is placed in the right corner of the room where you’ll see a block of butter and a bunch of footlong bread.

Moana Realm

  • As soon as you spawn in the realm, head to the shoreline located behind you and you’ll find one pebble over there.
  • From there head back to take the left path and near the campfire, you’ll find one pebble.
  • Next, keep moving further right, and near a bunch of big rocks & trees, you’ll find one more.
  • After that, head back to the Moana Realm spawn point and from there take the green grassy path on the right. Keep heading ahead, until you come across a curved tree on the left side.

WALL – E Realm

  • As soon as you spawn in the realm, head to the structure in a grey color to pick one pebble over there.
  • Next, near the white rusty refrigerator and you’ll find one more over there.

Frozen Realm

  • After spawning in, look under the engraved pillars for one stone.
  • Next, head inside and take a left from a small stack of rocks. And then keep moving and near some rocks, you’ll find another pebble.
  • Once picked, walk over the frozen bridge and just a little ahead you’ll find the last Orange Pebble.

Toy Story Realm

  • In Disney Dreamlight Valley, once you spawn in this realm on your left near a red bag you’ll find one of the Orange Pebbles.
  • From there keep moving ahead and enter the open closet. And on the left corner, you’ll find another pebble.
  • After that, find a blue book in the corner of the room and there’ll you’ll get one more pebble.
  • Once picked, make your way to the opposite corner of the room, and near the bed, you’ll find the last pebble lying beside the blue blanket.

And that’s how you can find all the 20 Orange Pebbles in Disney Dreamlight Valley. That sums up the locations, now go ahead and make an Orange Potato and you’ll be good to go. With that said, check out how to get Blue Potato in the game. Also, take a look at the full recipe list to cook tasty meals for your favorite character.