How To Open Coffins In Vampire Survivors [Locations]

Here's how to open all the 6 Coffins in Vampire Survivors to unlock new characters.

Vampire Survivors is a must-play if you are into the Roguelike genre. Enter various locations including Castles & Dungeons to battle monsters, ghosts, and other creatures. Battle and destroy all these creatures in an increasing wave & pick up items to obtain various weapons and resources. While playing as Antonio from the beginning, it might get boring to see the same face again & again. Well, you can unlock new characters by progressing further in the game. Many of the characters in Vampire Survivors are obtained by opening Coffins. It does make sense to me at least. Check out this guide to know the locations of all the Coffins and the ways to open them.

How to Open Coffins in Vampire Survivors

How To Open Coffins In Vampire Survivors

There are a total of 6 Coffins that you can find in this game. It is recommended to obtain the Milky Way Relic. This Relic unlocks an in-game map that can be accessed at any time. Although, here’s how you can open Coffins in each of the 6 Locations in Vampire Survivors:

Coffin at Mad Forest in Vampire Survivors

Once you are in the Mad Forest map, open the map and look for a question mark icon. To be precise, it can be located in the northwestern region of the map. At that location, you can find and open the coffin that will unlock Pugnala Provola character in Vampire Survivors.

Coffin at Inlaid Library

While in Inlaid Library, keep moving towards the right. Defeat or avoid all the enemies in the way while walking in that direction. You will eventually find Giovanna’s character while walking far in that direction. Simply touch the Coffin to unlock the character in Vampire Survivors. You can also use the Milky Way Map to look for a question mark icon in the right direction here.

Coffin at Gallo Tower

To open this Coffin in Vampire Survivors, pause the game & open the map. Look for a question mark icon and reach there. However, there won’t be any coffin this time, but a mirror. All you have to do is go through that mirror to enter a secret area. Wherein you will find a coffin that will unlock Concetta and make it available for purchase.

Coffin at Cappella Magna

The coffin at Cappela Magna stage of Vampire Survivors is a difficult one. In this stage, there’s an enemy known as Drowner that spawns at 5:00. The location for the Coffin in this stage will drown and vanish on his Drowner’s spawn. Hence, make sure to rush as quickly as possible in this stage. The Coffin is found in the southern direction by the way. You will unlock the Zi’Assunta Belpaese and make it available for purchase in the Character Selection screen.

Coffin at Mt. Moonspell

The Coffin at Mt. Moonspell stage of Vampire Survivors unlocks the Legendary Miang character. To find this Coffin, locate the question mark on the Milky Way map. It should be in the northwest direction of the map. At some point, you will come across a stone wall that will obstruct you. Those stone walls will eventually take you to a dojo-like room on the right. Find the entrance and make your way to the center of the dojo to locate the Coffin.

Coffin at Dairy Plant

Opening the Dairy Plant coffin in Vampire Survivors unlocks a character known as Poppea Pecorina. For your reference, you can open the Milky Way map & locate the coffin. Look out for it on the southwestern side of the map.

That’s everything covered on how to open the Coffins in Vampire Survivors. Meanwhile, you are here, make sure to check out our other Vampire Survivors guides on Gamer Tweak