How To Manually Save Game In Ooblets?

Want to know how to save your game in Ooblets? Read this quick guide to find out.

Ooblets is a life simulation game that revolves around farming and collecting cute creatures. It is a combination of Harvest moon, Animal Crossing New Horizons and Pokemon. Here, you can manage your farm, interact with other characters, plus do a lot of upgrading, customization and of course, exploration. Moreover, there’s also a fun addition of dance-offs that gives it a unique twist. While playing this game, you will not realize how time flies as you build your life in the game. Hence knowing how to save your game in Ooblets is necessary. If you are not sure how to do that, look no further – this guide on saving the game in Ooblets will help you out.

Ooblets: How to Save Game?

Like many other games, Ooblets also has an autosave feature that will ensure that your progress is not lost. You will be notified about the game being saved when you see the word ‘Saving’ on the screen at the bottom right area. So you don’t have to worry too much.

But if you want to be absolutely sure if your game is being saved, you can always do it manually. Here’s how to manually save your game in Ooblets.

On PC, press the Esc button and choose Save and Quit. On the Xbox One controller, press the Menu button and choose the same option of Save and Quit. Doing this will basically save the game for you and then take you to the desktop.

This is how to save your game in Ooblets. It is a simple process to do manually. But even if you don’t remember to save it, the autosave will do the work for you.

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