Onmyoji Tier List

You should use this Tier List for Onmyoji to find the best Shikigami for raids, boss fights, and more.

Onmyoji has a ton of Shikigami for you to choose from so a Tier List should be pretty handy. This game has a plethora of characters that you can use. Not only do they serve different roles like a healer, DPS, Support, and more. But these characters can be of different rarities, that are SP, SSR, SR, and R. So without further ado here is the Onmyoji Tier List ranking all Shikigami from best to worst.

Onmyoji Tier List – All Shikigami Ranked

onmyoji tier list

Shikigami Tier
Demoniac Shuten Doji S Tier
Mishige S Tier
Kuro Mujou S Tier
Ibaraki Doji S Tier
Suzuhiko Hime S Tier
Blazing Tamamonomae S Tier
Ootengu S Tier
Ibaraki Doji S Tier
Inuyasha S Tier
Virtuoso Hana S Tier
Susabi S Tier
Kamiochi Orochi S Tier
Ungaikyou S Tier
Asura S Tier
Tamamonomae S Tier
Crimson Yoto A Tier
Zashiki A Tier
Kawazaru A Tier
Shiki A Tier
Ubume A Tier
Inaba Kaguya A Tier
Enmusubi A Tier
Jr. Ootengu A Tier
Kanihime A Tier
Hakuro A Tier
Vengeful Hannya A Tier
Yoto Hime A Tier
Yamausagi A Tier
Kisei A Tier
Nekomata A Tier
Tesso A Tier
Monumental Otakemaru A Tier
Susanoo A Tier
Guardian Ubume A Tier
Aobozu A Tier
Kamikui A Tier
Ushi no Toki A Tier
Oguna A Tier
Shokurei B Tier
Inugami B Tier
Orochi B Tier
Suzuka Gozen B Tier
Senhime B Tier
Maki & Karashi B Tier
Aoandon B Tier
Higanbana B Tier
Kamaitachi B Tier
Karasu Tengu B Tier
Susabi B Tier
Lovebound Kiyohime B Tier
Ryomen B Tier
Yamakaze B Tier
Oitsuki B Tier
Worldly Aoandon B Tier
Taishakuten B Tier
Onikiri B Tier
Hangan B Tier
Puppeteer B Tier
Takiyashahime B Tier
Enenra B Tier
Momiji B Tier
Otakemaru B Tier
Oshiroi Baba B Tier
Kaguya B Tier
Sesshomaru B Tier
Kinnara B Tier
Zen Ungaikyou C Tier
Uminocho C Tier
Shiranui C Tier
Ninja Yamausagi C Tier
Samurai X C Tier
Void Menreiki C Tier
Usagi C Tier
Azurestorm Ichimokuren C Tier
Fugenkaku C Tier
Mushishi C Tier
Divine Miketsu C Tier
Kyonshi Imoto C Tier
Nightveil Higanbana C Tier
Waverider Lord Arakawa C Tier
Mio C Tier
Kusa C Tier
Umibozu C Tier
Chocho C Tier
Yato no Kami C Tier
Nyuunaisuzume C Tier
Kosodenote C Tier
Kappa C Tier
Seawatch Kingyo C Tier
Satori C Tier
Futakuchi C Tier
Juzu C Tier
Medicine Seller C Tier
Shuten Doji C Tier
Kikyo C Tier
Hozuki C Tier
Kubinashi C Tier
Yamalord Enma C Tier
Hitotsume C Tier
Shishio C Tier
Doujo C Tier
Valiant Yamakaze C Tier
Tanuki C Tier
Bake-kujira C Tier
Kyonshi Ototo C Tier
Shouzu C Tier
Gaki C Tier
Kanko C Tier
Tenjo Kudari C Tier
Kodokushi C Tier
Onikiri Reforged C Tier
Koroka C Tier
Kyumei Neko C Tier
Maestro C Tier
Kagewani C Tier
Garuda C Tier
Ame Onna C Tier
Frosty Yuki Onna C Tier
Warrior Soul C Tier
Yamawaro C Tier
Koi C Tier
Jikikaeru C Tier
Enma C Tier
Vampira D Tier
Youko D Tier
Okikumushi D Tier
Kuro D Tier
Ittan Momen D Tier
Itsumade D Tier
Kidomaru D Tier
Hako D Tier
Mouba D Tier
Menreiki D Tier
Kingyo D Tier
Yuki Doji D Tier
Jinmenju D Tier
Hone Onna D Tier
Kamimai D Tier
Miketsu D Tier
Yumekui D Tier
Hoshiguma Doji D Tier
Okuribito D Tier
Momo D Tier
Fuuri D Tier
Shiro Mujou D Tier
Hannya D Tier
Shiro D Tier
Jorogumo D Tier
Oko D Tier
Huouka D Tier
Bukkuman D Tier
Hana D Tier
Ichimokuren D Tier
Kyonshi Ani D Tier
Lord Arakawa D Tier
Yasha D Tier
Kaoru D Tier
Mannendake D Tier
Sakura D Tier
Hakuzosu D Tier
Kainin D Tier
Hiyoribo D Tier
Ebisu D Tier
Chin D Tier
Dodomeki D Tier
Komatsu D Tier
Yuki Onna D Tier
Kujira D Tier
Sasori D Tier
Kiyo Hime D Tier

The following list ranks the Shikigami based on their overall usability. You might find one more suited for Raids, some for Secret Zone, and others for PvP. Hence you might feel at times that they are placed in the wrong tiers. But as a whole, the S Tier characters are the best and more usable for most situations. And the D Tier characters can be avoided.

That covers this Tier List of all Shikigami in Onmyoji ranked from best to worst. If you enjoyed this list and are looking for more then be sure to check out our Tier Lists.