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Warzone 2: Best Sniper For One Shot Kill

Wondering which is the best sniper to execute a one shot kill in Warzone 2? Check out this guide to know.

Warzone 2.0 comes with tons of updates and new in-game features that are more than enough to keep you entertained for hours. As we all know, COD games are famous for their enthralling game modes and wide range of weaponry. There are multiple Assault Rifles, Sub-Machine Guns, Shotguns, etc that fit perfectly in their role. While these weapons specialize in mid-range and close-range battles respectively, Sniper Rifles play their role by decimating the opponents in long range. They are known for their insane damage in long-range battles. Moreover, there are several Sniper Rifles in Warzone 2 that has a higher damage output. Although are they capable enough to kill a distant opponent? Read till the end & know which is the best Sniper for a One Shot Kill in Warzone 2.


One Shot Sniper in COD Warzone 2

One Shot Sniper In Warzone 2

MCPR-300, SIGNAL 50, LA-B330, and SP-X 80 are a few of the Sniper Rifles in the Weapon Stack of Warzone 2. All of these Snipers have a decent damage output but are not capable enough to pierce through 3 Plate Armored Vest. However, Victus XMR which was introduced in Warzone 2 with the release of Season 1 can get the job done.

Victus XMR is a true One Shot Sniper in Warzone 2 as it has comparatively higher damage. It excels in almost every stat while comparing it with other Sniper Rifles. Further, when equipped with proper attachments, Victus XMR becomes the handiest One Shot Sniper Rifle in Warzone 2.


Thanks to Zackeryeet for sharing one of the best attachment loadouts for Victus XMR in Warzone 2:

  • Barrel – Mack 8 33.5 Super
  • Laser – VLK LZR 7MW
  • Ammunition – .50 CAL Explosive
  • Stock – XRK Rise 50
  • Muzzle – Bruen Counter-Ops

When all of these attachments are applied on the Victus XMR Sniper Rifle, its damage and range get maxed out along with other stats making it a true One Shot weapon in Warzone 2.


That’s all covered for the One Shot Sniper in Warzone 2. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Warzone 2 guides on Gamer Tweak.