Once Human: How to Get Standard Parts

Standard Parts are one of the resources you will need in Once Human because with them, you can complete various crafts of higher tiers. You can get Standard Parts by disassembling junk items you find while exploring high level areas and here are the locations where you can get this crafting ingredient.

How to Get Standard Parts in Once Human

  1. Looting for Junk:

Head to the Broken Delta or Iron River zones. These areas are recommended since they’re suitable for characters around level 15-20 and tend to have more loot. When you get there, look for storage chests, world pickups, and anything that could be considered junk in these locations.

Remember, any level 10+ area should have some potential for junk items. Use the Spacetime feature (pressing Q) to reveal hidden objects in the environment and collect the scraps easily. This will come in handy when you’re exploring buildings with a lot of stuff inside.

  1. Disassembling the Junk:
disassembly bench to disassemble junk to standard parts
Image credit: ZaFrostPet

You’ll need a Disassembly Bench to break down the junk you collect. Make sure you have one built at your base camp. Once you have the junk and the Disassembly Bench, interact with the Bench to disassemble the items. This will give you a chance of getting Standard Parts along with other crafting materials.

scrap to disassemble
Image credit: ZaFrostPet

Things to keep in mind:

  • Since the specific items that give Standard Parts aren’t confirmed yet, it’s best to grab any and all junk you come across. They don’t take up much space.
  • Consider relocating your base camp closer to areas with higher concentrations of junk, like Broken Delta or Iron River. This can save you travel time when you’re stocked up and ready to disassemble.

How to Use Standard Parts?

In Once Human, Standard Parts are a crucial component for crafting various tier 2 items.

  • Crafting Weapons and Gear: Standard Parts are a key ingredient in crafting many tier 2 weapons and armor. Upgrading from basic equipment to tier 2 will give you a significant boost in power and survivability.
  • Building Structures: Some higher-level structures at your base camp may require Standard Parts in their construction. These structures could offer improved storage, functionality, or defensive capabilities.

Overall, Standard Parts are a crucial resource that plays a significant role in Once Human’s crafting. By acquiring a steady supply, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle tougher challenges and build a stronger base.

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