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How To Complete Fix The NSC Coolant Pumps – Control Game Pump Station Guide

All three coolant pump location

During the main mission, Directorial Override you will get two objectives to complete. First is Fix the NSC Coolant Pump and second is Fix the NSC Energy Convertors. The second one is easy to complete, but the first one NSC Coolant Pump is tricky. You have to find three Coolant Pumps and fix them by placing Energy cubes on them. So in this Control Walkthrough, you can learn about the exact three locations of NSC Coolant Pumps and complete the objective to move further.

How To Complete Fix the NSC Coolant Pump Mission


As soon as you enter the underground facility the first coolant pump is right in the front at the entrance. Pick the energy cube from left and place it on the top. For the second go to the left end corner of the room from the entrance on the top. Place another cube and follow the blue pipe all the way to the center end of the area. Fix the final pump, plus there is an entrance that goes to the pipes. There is an alien creature inside clear the pipes also and you will be done with this objective. Refer our video below to get the details of the location.

The mission is short and easy to complete if you know the exact position where to find the Coolant Pumps.