Olympic Esports Games List: All Virtual Sports (2023)

Want to know all the game titles? Here's the complete list revealing all the Olympic Esports Games by IOC.

Looking for the complete list of all the Olympic Esports Games? The International Olympic Committee has announced and revealed its first Olympic Esports week happening in 2023. Adding much disappointment to several players and audiences, plenty of trending or popular game titles are missing. The IOC has announced nine games whose final stages will be held in Singapore between 22 to 25 June. Since the qualifiers for the Esports Series have already begun, several people are wondering about the games. Here’s the list.

All Olympic Esports Games List

olympic esports games list

In total, nine games have been announced by the International Olympic Committee (IOS). These are all the virtual sports and the Olympic Esports games that players will be competing on:

Virtual Sports Olympic Esports (Game Titles)
Archery Tic Tac Bow
Chess Chess.com
Cycling Zwift
Dance Just Dance
Motor Sport Gran Turismo
Sailing Virtual Regatta
Taekwondo Virtual Taekwondo
Tennis Tennis: Clash

From the above list, you might have understood the reason for the people’s disappointment. When we talk about Esports, it is valid to think of Valorant, COD, CSGO, or DOTA2.  But if you have been following the Olympic Esports over the years, the above game titles won’t be that surprising.

For example, Chess.com seems a natural pick in my opinion. This game title has some of the greatest Grandmasters like Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura on its platform. Likewise, Gran Turismo by Polyphony Digital also has a huge player base and is pretty popular.

Just Dance might be one of the most popular franchises on the list after Gran Turismo. Furthermore, games like Virtual Taekwondo, Virtual Regatta, Zwift, and WBSC Baseball: Power PROS seem accurate translations of their respective sports. But speaking of other games, they are mostly limited to being known by mobile gaming enthusiasts. For example, Tic Tac Bow and Tennis: Clash are some mobile games that might not be popular among different players and others.

That’s everything covered about the Olympic Esports Games list. If you enjoyed reading this, check out our more Video Game Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.