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How To Ollie The Magic Bum 5x In Venice Beach In THPS 1+2

Here's where to find the Magic Bums in Venice Beach in THPS 1+2.

Looking for Ollie the Magic Bum locations in Venice beach to complete the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 challenge? We’ve got you covered. In this task, you have to Ollie over five people who are sleeping in various places in this location. If you are having trouble finding them, read this guide to know where to go.


Where to Ollie the Magic Bum 5x in Venice Beach THPS 1+2

We will give you the directions you need to reach every Magic Bum in this level.

Ollie the Magic Bum Location 1


When you start the level, go straight and then go in the north-west direction. Once you take a right there, you will see the first Magic Bum sleeping that you have to Ollie over. He will call you a nuisance but by then you will be on your way to the next Magic Bum.

Location 2



Turn and go back the same way you came from and take a right here. You will see stairs so go downwards and when you move a bit forward, you will see the second Magic Bum next to the wall.

Location 3


For the third Bum, turn and go back to the main area again and then go right. Take the stairs on the right side and then take a left. He will be near a long grass patch so go ahead and Ollie over him.


Location 4


Go slightly ahead from there and take a left and then another left. That’s the fourth Magic Bum in THPS.

Location 5


Finally, you have to go back from where you came and keep going straight (at this point the long grass patch will be on your right). Next to a trash can, the last Magic Bum will be sleeping. Again, you will get called a creep but you will have completed the Ollie the Magic Bum 5x in Venice Beach in THPS challenge.

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