How To Find Hades Horse In Assassins Creed Odyssey Atlantis DLC

You Cannot Miss The Immortal Dark Horse Of Underworlds Kings Hades

Assassins Creed Odyssey Atlantis DLC adds a new region to unlock some amazing new rewards, rides, and gears. One among them is Hades Horse, an immortal horse an amazing look dark horse who belongs to the God of Underworld Hades. The specialty of this horse is that it looks amazing with glowing eyes and dark clouds around his neck and legs gives it is a special look. In this Assassins Creed Odyssey Atlantis guide, we will give you details on how to complete Dark Horse Quest and get Hades Horse. The recommended to play this quest is 53.

How To Get Hades Horses In Odyssey Atlantis DLC

Talk to Persephone To Start The Quest:

After the Dark Horse Quest begins the first thing you have to do is Meet Persephone, the Queen of Underworld. Talk to her at the palace, while talking to her be polite. She will tell you about the Horse, pick “I’ll go find the horse” to continue. There will be another choice where you will get more details and then pick the last option again to begin your quest.

Find and Return Orphnaeus, Hade’s horse, to the Jockey of Artemision:

There will be two objectives under this, the first one will take you to the northwestern part of Asphodel Fields and the second one The horse is in Asphodel Arboretum is where you will find the horse. Use the Eagle vision to track down all the enemies and statues in the Arboretum. You will have to infiltrate the Arboretum to locate the horse.

Hades Horse Location:

Odyssey Hades Horse Location

Go to the backside towards the right of Arboretum, there is an open window. The easiest way to locate is to walk near the pillars, the widow is easy to spot if you climb on it or you can also view it from the ground. You can avoid the enemies if you want. You can climb up using the statue below the window. Once you enter take the stairs at the left end and go down. You will reach a hall with two pools, walk to the left corner and you will find the horse and a blind man Mulios. Pick the following choice and he will allow you to take the horse.

  • I have to get the horse out of Elysium.
  • It has to go back to Hades.

After taking the horse there will be two choices, you can either take the horse to Jockey of Artemision or Adonis’s contact. To complete the mission pick Jockey of Artemision. Return back to Persephone to end the quest, there is a fast travel point after you cross the stairs. Stand in the beam light and you will be teleported to Persephone’s Akropolis.

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